Urgent please

hello i need help theys stolen my bank monzo card i need to cancelled please help me ? i dont know hoiw i contact us / my money has been stolen .? please help me i cnt getg on my phone because they stolen my phone too ok please help me ok i need my money refund and please contact me ok

Your best bet in this situation is to contact help@monzo.com ASAP.

Stolen your phone and your Monzo card. Very unlucky. Go to web.monzo.com and you can freeze your account if you can get access to your emails.


And remotely wipe your phone using icloud.com or https://www.google.com/android/find

Change all your passwords if you have an easy phone password or no phone password.

i email them but no reply :frowning: and my bank still use from sunday 28 of april in brussels ? i cnt conctact them , is very hard and the nu,mber is no one asnwer i need to cancelled and they ready take my money out ? and i cnt cancelled because no answer from them and now very worry

As someone has added above, you can freeze the card via Monzo Web. Have you tried to do that yet?

yeah i try ready ok cheers so how can i get my money refund ? an also new card

Contact Monzo and they’ll launch an investigation.

If you’ve frozen it you can request a new card via the same site (web.monzo.com).

As for the refund, none of us can say - that will be up to Monzo to figure out when conducting an investigation.

Further to the above, how much have you lost? On the Monzo web portal, can you see what transactions/withdrawals have been made?

Yep. This :point_up:


He said he couldn’t phone them because his phone was taken, and that he also phoned them and didn’t get through. So I imagine one of those.

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Or she. Could be a she…

Hi @leslie,

I’m really sorry to hear you’ve lost your card and phone. Have you been able to use Monzo Web to freeze your card? If you can, please do this ASAP.

If you’ve emailed us at help@monzo.com or called us at 0800 802 1281, our Customer Service team will help you as quickly as possible.

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Do you have insurance. A lot of travel insurances or contents insurances will help with stolen money. My basic kit insurance covers me for up to £500 cash and £3000 from my bank. They are often easier to deal with than the bank as they do all the hard work for you


I’m closing this thread now, as the original question has been resolved.