I transferred the money to an online seller six months ago but i did not receive any goods until now

I think I was scammed but the person emailed me her driving license, HMRC letter head as proof of her identity… I made the transfer to her account has the name as driving license(her account is with Lloyd Bank). I thought she is a genuine seller. I know its abit late but Is there anyway I could get my money back or report her?
I made my report on fraud and investigation crime unit already but they told me to try and contact the bank as they might be able to help.

Thanks for your help.

Have you contacted monzo support in the app about the issue? I’m not sure if it’s to long or anything like that but monzo will be able to tell you, most people here are just customers.

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Definitely do this. It’s by no means certain that Monzo will be able to get your money back, especially given how much time has passed, but there’s always a chance, however slim.

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Thanks, Eden for your advice.

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Really sorry to hear about this :frowning:

As has been advised above, please contact us and we’ll look into what’s happened.

Just to note, making a bank transfer is like handing over cash so please only send money to someone you know and trust :+1:


I think it is very unlikely after that time frame you would get any money back I’m afraid. Do let us know if you do though :+1: