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I just saw that some money left my account to make a payment in Michigan, USA.
I have never been to the States or given my card details to anyone so I’d really like to know how this happened.


Hi Roxana & welcome :wave:

Sorry to hear of this - but we’re all customers here and so you won’t get an official response on how to deal with it. For that, contact Monzo via the app or email (help@monzo.com)

If I experienced the same issue, I would immediately freeze my card and report the suspect transaction to Monzo by - tap on the suspect transaction in your account feed (‘Home’), scroll to the bottom of the transaction details, tap on ‘SOMETHING WRONG? GET HELP’ and then scroll & tap on ‘I don’t recognise this transaction/Report Fraud’

Good luck - I hope it works out quickly :crossed_fingers:


Hi. You can challenge the transaction in the app. Nobody here can help you I’m afraid.

Click on it and scroll down and I think it says “somethings wrong” or something like that.

Hi, David!

Thanks for your quick reply - I didn’t know this platform was just for customers. I just noticed that the chat option in the app had disappeared and this seemed the only way to talk to someone.

I instantly froze my account, reported the transaction and ordered a new card.

I will send Monzo an email as I am genuinely interested to know how something like this can happen.

Thanks again, really appreciate it!


You can search for “contact” in the app and that will get you to someone.

Monzo are very unlikely to know who/how/where your card details have been compromised. Anytime you use your card there’s a risk.

If the chat button isn’t there in the app (it isn’t for me either);

  • From the home screen, tap on ‘Help’
  • In the Help Search box, type ‘in-app chat’ and enter
  • A list of possibles, including ‘Contacting support’ should be shown - tap on it
  • The Contacting support details are shown. In the section ‘Chat with us’, tap on ‘chat with us in the app’

Thanks, I’ll try that!

That’s why I don’t get how this can happen - I haven’t used my card in ages. I usually just pay with my phone.

Thank you, David!

I’ve managed to get ahold of someone through chat.


Have you used your card at all recently? Is it an amount that matches anything?

It could be that someone has processed the transaction in a place you don’t recognise.

I have made several payments lately but none of them match the amount. Plus, all of them went through when I made them, there was no delay.

I googled the company the money went to and it is a petrol station in Michigan. The name and the address are a match.

I just talked to someone from the bank. I am going to post all the info here, in case this happens to anyone else in the future.

"I’m so sorry this has happened and completely understand how unsettling it feels. Unfortunately, there’s no way of telling from our end how your card details were stolen.

It can sometimes happen when fraudsters attach “skimmers” to legitimate ATMs or payment terminals and copy your card details. But there are other ways too. You can read more about card fraud and what you can do to protect yourself here.

Please rest assured that any unauthorised payments on your card will be reimbursed if you get in touch with us as soon as you find out and have done everything to keep your card details secure."

The page they reference with more details on card fraud is this one: https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/debt-and-money/banking/banking-security-and-fraud/


The info you got from Monzo seems to answer the ‘how’ but people can steal your card details pretty easily with modern technology. It’s pretty common in some parts of the world and nothing to do with your account being more/less secure

Something similar has happened to me three times (although never since I used Monzo strangely enough) and every time I got the money back without any hassle.

I think it’s good practice to never hand your card over to anyone and have an RFID blocking wallet but criminals are smart so sometimes anyone can get caught out.

It’s also quite possible that your card details were compromised months ago but have only just been used.

The recency of the fraudulent use doesn’t necessarily tie up with when the details were taken.

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