Having a transaction I do not recognise

I have a transaction on my account I do not recognise. No one is answering my chat messages. This doesn’t seem right. What can I do?

Hello. Nobody here can help you.

Did you tap on the transaction and press “Somethings wrong”? Doing that and waiting is the best you can do.

Yes I did that but no one has answered me

How long has it been? It can be a few hours.

A few hours? This doesn’t seem right. My money has been taken without my permision

It’s not instant chat. If it’s fraud then as long as you’re not negligent (which they’d never prove) then they’ll refund you.

Is there a chance the merchant data that it’s displaying is wrong?

Tap on the transaction and scroll to the very bottom, that will give the merchant ID and code It will be in grey text.

Do you recognise that name? Sometimes what that says doesn’t match up with the logo name that Monzo provide (For a whole host of reasons)

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Have you frozen your card? Or was it a bank transfer?

If you actually did that it explains the process. You’ve done your bit now and it’s over to Monzo.

I understand your concerns about your money being gone forever but that wont be the case if it was genuine fraud. You’ll be reimbursed, but first Monzo need to check it all out and that takes time.

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But they are not replying to me. I don’t know why.

It’s nothing against you, they aren’t ignoring you as such, they just haven’t got to your query yet.