My monzo account is closed

Hello, I have a problem, my salary has been transferred to Monzo’s account and I do not have access, please help me to solve the problem

Hi, We can’t help here, we’re mostly just customers - your salary should have bounced back to your employer if your account is closed

Why did you do that if you’ve closed your account?

If what you’ve said is true your salary will be returned to the sender. Or if you CASSed away it will automatically be forwarded to your new bank.

Assuming the account is closed because you are in a CASS process, the balance should be forwarded to your new bank, your employer won’t be able to see this so you will need to let payroll know your new bank account details for your future pays.

However, if you just closed the account yourself, the funds should bounce back to your employer as stated by the others in this thread, and again you will then need to let your accounts department know the new account details.

Contact your Payroll or HR dept who will recall the payment for you, unless your account was closed due to fraudulent inactivity?? :grin::+1:t2: