Switching service - salary


I have initiated the switching service and I was just wondering about my salary. It seems to suggest that my salary will be deposited into my Monzo account but I am not sure. Do I need to inform my employers about my new details or will the switching service cover this?

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Just let them know your new account details however if they send it to your old account then the CASS service will forward it on to the new one


You don’t need to do anything - CASS moves it all


You employer wont necessarily update your bank details, its not automatic.

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You shouldn’t need to tell them. However, If you do tell them, you’ll know they’ve been told, so any problems can be directed to your payroll dept.



Tell your payroll dept anyway, better safe than sorry!


Same here. Mine weren’t updated instead they continued to go to my old account, which automatically got forwarded to my new one.

I believe it only works for certain period of time and I remember discussing and updating my details with my employer recently :scream: So you’re best off double checking :slight_smile:

This is correct. The employer is only informed of the new details. There’s nothing which enforces them to use them. Hence why it’s important to let them know.

OK great, thanks for the heads up. I have let my accounts team know, hopefully they can get it done before the next payroll.


You’ll have plenty of time to update them, so don’t panic. The CASS will forward all payments to your new account for 3 years after the switching date. :+1:

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Hi, were your payments automatically redirected on the day your salary was due?

Yes if I remember correctly :slight_smile: