Account been closed for no reason... wages and student loan!

So I was a user of monzo for over a year now, and regularly used my account for my wages, student loan and spendings. Today I woke up and saw my account had been temporarily disabled. Just now it has been closed. I don’t know why, I only had £15 in the account and was using it as I had been for the past year. What happens to my wages which get paid in on Friday? I’m getting my student loan in 2 weeks and this is just an unnecessary hassle. Is there anyone I can contact to address this!?

Many thanks

Have you contacted them in app?

If you can’t then email

If it still blocked on Friday the wages will probably be returned to sender

Probably best to open a new account quickly and let student loans know, just in case

Edit: sorry I missed it had been closed. Open a new account elsewhere ASAP

I can’t access the app, but I’m going to email now, thanks for the advice

Good luck :crossed_fingers: I wouldn’t expect it to be reopened though, generally this decision is final due to you breaking the T&Cs.

Edit: Not sure why this was flagged as offensive. No malice was intended, just stating a fact :confused:

Might take a few days for a reply but if it’s closed it’s closed, they won’t reopen it or give you more details

Is there anywhere I can complain about this?


You could complain to the financial Ombudsman Service but I’ve not seen a single decision that wasn’t “it’s the banks right to close… blah blah”

I think you can open a Starling account and get new account details instantly so you can give them to your employer tomorrow


Thanks a lot!


Have you ever let anyone use your account?

You would need to complain to Monzo and get a final decision or letter of deadlock before the FOS will even look your way.

But then as you say it will be months of waiting to be told banks can choose who they accept as customers

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As someone always says in these threads, accounts are never closed “for no reason” it’s just that the banks just don’t have to tell us what the reasons are.

Feel free to complain to Monzo but expect nothing from it is the only advice that we can give. Banks have a right to select their customers and, when they exercise that right, it can be a pain in the neck for the individual(s) on the receiving end.

I’m closing this down now since guessing the cause of an account closure is never helpful. You’ve got he email address and that’s all the concrete advice we can really give.