My local news posted a false story about my brother

This ain’t monzo related but I need advice.

My local news has posted a story about his death along with multiple photos and other information about him one of them says he had one arm.

The whole news article is a lie, i contacted them asking about it however they just told me they’re allowed to do it.

He was a very private man so his photos isn’t just online and he didn’t have one arm and the other information which I don’t wish to talk about but it’s mostly promoting a company who looked after him (which they didn’t) then the cheek of the article says his family didn’t care even tho I was by his side the whole time and took my career path in the adult industry just for quick cash to help care for him.

Do I have any legal right here since it’s all false? He’s on the front page of the paper aswell of the website.

I don’t think a forum of internet strangers is really the best place to be seeking legal advice. I think, perhaps, somewhere like your local Citizens Advice Bureau would be a good place to start with these questions.