Apologies posting

I don’t post often in the community so u would like to apologise for any posts that are not in the right place or they have been posted before or that am posting content that it’s the news already.

So any posts please delete or admen them

Am dyslexic ( no excuse) but sometimes my mind doesn’t work that well in spelling and communication properly


No worries, no need to apologise if it’s not in bad faith.

Sometimes people can point you to the correct thread with just a link and no words but it’s not personal.


Just to note there’s no apologies needed from you. It’s just that there were a number of posts that while interesting looked like they had been copy and pasted from Google with little context.

If there’s a thread they can add value too I think they should be there. Some of them were interesting reads.


Please keep chatting with us – you’re very welcome here.


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