Downs Syndrome Brother-in-law losing his home

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Hi everyone,

I know that this is not Monzo related, or even finance related and I am relying on you to show empathy to someone who you have never met.

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My brother-in-law has Downs Syndrome and whilst we were on holiday this week, my wife was told that the care company looking after him will no longer be able to provide a service for Stuart from this Friday onwards, effectively meaning he has to move out. Our local newspaper has ran it as their front page story which is below.

If anyone knows anyone who works in a National Paper, please forward this to them. I want Stuart’s story to be heard.

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Just read the article - Adblock really messes it up! LEP have posted an update at the top, looks like they have got an extension to the original date which is a more positive result?

Really hope this is the news you and your brother-in-law are looking for and if not, that the situation improves.

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This must be frightening for your brother-in-law and worrying for the family. But whilst raising the situation with the press, it’ll fall to the local authority to reprovide in the wake of the closure of his home.

Whoever is the most active relative should ensure they have clear communication with the care coordinator within the LA. (It sounds, though, that he has a supportive family network around him.)

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Hi guys,

Thankfully Lancashire County Council have stepped up and managed to arrange care for both lads until the end of May.

We are in the process of taking over Stuart’s care with my wife managing his time, staff etc. So this now gives us a bit more time to get that in place and slowly integrate him into his new surroundings.

Unfortunately, Lancashire County Council kept changing the goalposts. They told me wife in February I think that her proposal to take over her brother’s care was approved and then kept stalling and being very vague with answers whilst trying to organise viewings to different care-providers etc. Only on the Friday before Stuart’s holiday was she told she can go ahead with it and then to be told that upon his return he would lose living support 3 days later was the final straw. It’s a shame that it took a newspaper article to actually kick people into doing the right thing but there we go.

Thank-you for the supportive comments. Meant a lot.