Hi I’m after advice please I deposited a large sum of money into my son’s personal account sept 21 until I could open a new account. On the 22nd out 2022 my daughter in law admitted to getting into my sons account changed the email address and stole over 21.000 pound. My son has reported it as fraud as she has admitted it to monzo she stole the money without permission is he covered by the fiscal please

We can’t answer that here.

Fraud will respond accordingly.

You’ll need to report this to the police and prosecute through them, otherwise could be labelled civil and no win either side.


She reported herself to the police and they said my son had to go through frsud

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StarWars is more believable than this.

But nobody here can help you.


I’m not sure if I’m just gullible, or if you’re just cynical, but I take the post at face value.

Plausible scenario to me because I know someone whose child did something similar to their grandparent. Took advantage of the trust that been placed on them and stole from their account without their knowing. Both through ATM withdrawals, and connecting their card details to their Amazon and iTunes accounts and going on a shopping spree. Was only a few hundred though, kid was punished, and they handled it civilly, no popo or fraud reports.


Give police reference number to your son, who can give this to monzo and monzo can follow up with police.

Likely you will all need to go to court and prosecute said daughter.


Had to move money to their child, from one account to another account, before moving it back to their own account? The sons wife then got into the account? What does changing the email have to do with the price of chips? Then got the limit raised (without proving ID?) and transferred the money? “Admitted it to Monzo” and then what? Expected Monzo to give it back and the wife could keep it? Double the money. Easy! Reported it to the police and they didn’t arrest/charge/prosecute?

More holes than Swiss cheese.


The changing the email thing is important because Monzo use a link to log you in. It would have let her sign into the account on another device. Assuming the story is truthful, this is an important plot point because it shifts who is being defrauded from her son to the bank, though it’s still likely an investigation would find that the son was negligent so his fault she was able to defraud them, and so won’t see anything back. If he wasn’t negligent, then the bank would cover everything, but she would likely go to jail and be prosecuted, potentially paying Monzo back in instalments for years to come, if not declared bankrupt.

There’s over a month between the deposit and the funds being stolen, so the limit might not even come into play for most of it. They also don’t say how it was stolen. Could be a mix of transfers, withdrawals, and spending.

I think you’re misreading the admitted it to Monzo thing bit! I read it as her son reporting it as fraud to Monzo because she admitted to her son that she stole it, not that she told Monzo she stole it.

Depending on how the wife extracted it, and if the money still exists, and by reporting it as fraud she might be hoping they could claw some of it back, from wherever the money was sent, or through chargebacks with merchants it was spent at. I suspect OP, or her son just isn’t very knowledgeable about what you’re supposed to do or what happens with this type of fraud. I know I wouldn’t. Citizens Advice do say to contact your bank immediately though. And then to the police if money is stolen.

Maybe I’m gullible, probably, but I can believe something like this could happen. I don’t see the same plot holes.

I see many pot holes and it really doesn’t add up.

It’s possible to change email, but from there I’m sure you still need to do ID when new device.

That would have needed to be done.

Sending the funds is easy, £21k x3 days at £7k a time.

£10k limit a day to send/spend.

I’m with Revels :sweat_smile:


I think you’re more trusting than me! You could be right, but I still don’t believe it.

Meant @N26throwaway, Carloooo jumped in the middle.


Is this standard though, or very new? For all we know the wife’s had access to the account for much longer than the timeframe of the OP sending the money. Because of the crashing bug I’ve had to boot Monzo on a bunch of different devices I’ve never used it on before, and had to sign in on a pixel. The only time they ever wanted my ID (you’d think being his wife she would be able to access this anyway) was when I set up my 14 pro for the first time and then again on the pixel. Prior to the iPhone 14 I’ve never had to do this before.

I think it’s just a case of the post being very light on the details rather than actual holes in the plot.

Possibly RE lack of detail. But on face value, and working in customer care far too long you hear some absolutely stories.

In terms of ID, I can’t recall specifics on when it asks, it asked me to do it from IPhone to android and also iPhone to iPhone beta tester (work profile).

Can’t even ask anyone any more :sweat_smile:

Provided OP son has gone to police for theft and is looking to prosecute, I’m sure monzo can help in some way, though given the story so far it’s very much dead in the water without further evidences and of course, we don’t here see device history etc.


If this was a movie it be scoring 1% on rotten tomatoes


Well let me tell you it was true

Absolutely none of this makes sense.

You cannot send “confessions” to Monzo, that’s not how this works.

Yes police involved

Yes you can by email it’s all sorted for now

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I think it’s going to come down the minutiae of it all. it’s going to need investigating, and if it turns out to be that the husband was defrauded then the confession is pointless yes. But if it turns out to be deemed that she defrauded the bank (completely possible with what we know), then it is important because the bank need to pursue her, not the husband.

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Yes he’s done everything monzo has asked him to do. The money went in his account cos at the time I didn’t have one. When I asked for it back he was as shocked as I was it wasn’t in there.

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Also he’s been with her 20 years don’t expect her do do this she was a big part of the family but not anymore :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:I’ve seen all the evidence so I know it was her thief