My iPhone is going off to be repaired

Hi fellow Monzonians!

Yesterday, I dropped my iPhone and shattered its screen :frowning_face: Fortunately, there’s a place locally that can replace it and (I think! :crossed_fingers:) keep the existing iTouch button so I can continue to use it properly.

But this means handing my phone off to someone to take away for an hour or two to do the repair :fearful: Of course my phone will be locked and I’m not going to handover my passcode (or either of my thumbs) but…

How safe is this? Should I freeze my card whilst my iPhone is out of my sight? Although if they can get into my phone, they can unfreeze the card!

Is this just paranoia?

I’d welcome the views of you lovely people!

Maybe best to delete the Monzo app if you’re concerned? Seems the safest (if a tad overkill) approach.

Edit: though I guess they could then still download it and use the magic link in your email…


Why not Apple or an Apple authorised repair place?

You can turn the phone off or press the side button 5 times i think to disable TouchID and it will ask for re-authentication via PIN.

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How easy is it to just install it again? Does the app “remember” it used to be on the phone or do I have to jump through hoops?

[Largely rhetorical questions, I’m just anxious!!]

Easy to reinstall from the App Store, you then just type in your email and it’ll email a “magic link” to you, click that and you’re back in the app!


Of course this then raises the question of removing emails from the phone so they can’t just reinstall it themselves and get access :hushed:

Worst they can do is just look of course.


I’m a very disorganised person, and my nearest Apple place is in the nearest big city, so I’ve got to get my :poop: together to get there. Also, hard to be out of the house for a couple of hours because I’ve got an elderly dog here. The place that does the repairs is just down the road, so that’s easier but they don’t have great reviews online!

Also: Apple repair takes about a week, whilst the dodgy place does it in a hour or there’s not charge. And also Apple charges :moneybag: and the dodgy place charges £35!

Oh, that’s cool! Thank you, Sam! :heart:

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If it is locked, and you don’t hand over the password or your thumbs, then they cannot get in. Simple.

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True. I’m just being paranoid! :fearful:

If its locked and TouchID is temporarily disabled, then they cant get in.

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Paranoid is the best noid to be when it comes to money :+1:


I know, but paranoia is my thing today! :fearful:

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Won’t you then need the passcode? If the touch ID fails then it falls back to the passcode.

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Yes, which is why its best to disabled touchID by turning the phone off or pressing the the emergency combination.

They could in theory lift a fingerprint and unlock the phone if you dont, though its unlikely theyd bother.

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Yeah, their reviews aren’t good, but they’re not that bad! :laughing:


I would be more worried about the type of glass they will use I had a friend who had his replaced at a non-Apple place. He dropped the phone again this time onto carpet and the glass shattered again.

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I would always suggest visiting Apple or an AASP. Third-party repairs, from experience, generally aren’t up to scratch using third-party parts of poor quality.

You can visit a store, or mail it in and it’ll take about 5 days. Visit to organise this!


If your that worried should you be taking it there?
My mentality would be to put it in a locked pot - yes I know they aren’t locked and can be accessed early but in my mind it would feel a little more secure.
I live a long way from an :green_apple: shop so can see the sense in going elsewhere.

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Oh… well, you get what you pay for. I assume it’s an old phone?

I would second the AASP suggestion, or mail to Apple. I wouldn’t worry much about access though, disable touchID and your good.

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