What To Do if i ever lose my phone

I have never lost a phone before but just wondering if it happens should i call up customer services ?
I have touch ID so if anyone was to use my phone they wouldnt be able to send any money out the account

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Hi @Venomx

If you lose your phone you can call the number on the back of your card and the Customer Service team will freeze the card and order you a new one. Also you are quite right in that if you have Touch ID then no one would be able to transfer money or make any unauthorised transactions.


First thing first if you loose your phone you should log into Find My iPhone (or Android’s equivalent) and lock/wipe the phone remotely. Your :monzo: app is the least if your worries considering what other data your phone holds.


I completely forgot about find my iPhone ! Just activated it thanks

First thing would be to check the find phone apps. If lost for good call phone provider and get phone blocked. Then call Monzo.

Find my iPhone won’t work as the thief will just put your phone on airplane mode as soon as they get it.

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I wouldn’t erase an iOS device straight away, especially if it is already locked as it would be encrypted anyway and thieves/finders keepers won’t be able to get into it without the code. I would activate lost mode for a while to see if you can get it back.

I once tracked my iPhone 6 in a taxi being driven around Manchester all night and then back to my hometown. I put the lost indicator on the Find My iPhone with a backup number and the taxi driver called me and delivered it the next day.

I also accidentally dropped my iPhone X into a waste paper bin in my classroom (without realising it) and, via the cleaner moving the full bin, it ended up in a blue council recycling bin on the street. Again, find my iPhone allowed me to retrieve it hours later using the ping sound and the location (it was a shock when I realised it was in the bin!).

On topic, I would just ring customer services to get them to disassociate my account from the phone. You wouldn’t need to cancel the card either if you have the card…


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