My iPhone is going off to be repaired

Your phone stays locked and there’s noway they can unlock it. They will just fix what needs fixing and that’s it, I’ve had my phone fixed plenty of times and everything was fine.

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You could log out of both your email and monzo?

But if you haven’t given them the password you should be safe

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Took it to somewhere with better online ratings, put it in airplane mode, locked it and handed it over.

An hour later, it was back and better than ever, for £30. I’ve now put a case and a screen protector on it, because when I see a horse has bolted, I firmly bolt the stable door.

Thank you everybody for you help and advice! What a great community we have here! :heart:


Make sure its one that covers the bottom of the phone as well, the ones with the bottom exposed can lead to damage. Happened to me, apple replaced the screen for me but i changed case after that.

I’ve heard of some very dodgy repair people that install some kind of screen mirroring thing onto victims phones and then they can see the passwords you type and bank information as it shows on your device. After seeing stuff about this I’ve always gone to Apple - not worth the risk in my eyes.

I researched this before taking my phone in. It’s certainly possible to do something like this with Android devices but it’s very very difficult to do with an iPhone – it costs far more to buy the chips required than you’re likely to make from any fraud you can pull off on your customer. And it would take literally hours to set up – they had my phone for about 50 minutes.

Then I guess you’re safe then. I just wouldn’t want to risk it myself with the way people are always finding ways to fight the system


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