I need a log of how I’ve unlocked the app

I’m hoping someone can help…

Is it possible to get a log of how I have unlocked the Monzo app (i.e, via Face-ID or passcode?). If possible, it would need to date back about a month.

I’ve already asked Apple, who gave back the reply that they don’t record this information as privacy is there number one priority. But is this something Monzo could supply me (after security checks of course)?

Any help or ideas how I might get this information would be awesome.


The unlocking mechanism is all managed at phone level, which is why when you first login to Monzo it is switched off by default. I doubt Monzo will hold this kind of audit information, tbh. The important “moving money” stuff in-app is governed by PIN so that would probably be audited, but this is pure guesswork.

It doesn’t hurt to ask them in-app I guess?

I doubt they’d have the information… generally if you initiate a lock it’s the app doesn’t get to see how the unlock happened… they just get back success/failure. The OS deals with the details, partly because methods of authentication vary between phones, and coding an app to deal with those changes would be near impossible.

Why do you need to know?

Monzo will have the data but I very much doubt they’ll give it to you just like that. If you’re trying to prove/disprove you didn’t log in, then Monzo will already have that data to have made that decision already.

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If you provide some more context perhaps we can suggest a different angle of approach.

I recently had my phone screen repaired and when it was returned the Face-ID no longer worked.

I’m now in the unusual position of needing to prove that it functioned correctly before it was sent off.

Apple have already confirmed that they don’t keep a track of this (for privacy reasons) but it’d be amazing if Monzo did and could share the info with me to support my case.

Probably best to message Monzo directly then? If they can help they’d be bank of the bloody decade in my eyes :star_struck:

Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions people


I don’t think we store this data I’m afraid.

And are the phone repairers saying it’s on you to prove it worked before they fixed the screen?

No not really, they’re just flat out accusing me of lying!

It probably wouldn’t help mediate matters much, but if I bothered taking them to a small claims court I’d be happier knowing that their claim could be proved irrevocably false.

Obviously the hope would be that they’d see the sense in not going down the court route if I had some solid evidence.

But if Monzo doesn’t store that info I guess it’s back to the drawing board…


IANAL, but, seems to me that the phone repairers are bullshitting you. Am I right in suspecting that they are third-party and not Apple-official?

Not sure what model your phone is, but hopefully the information on this page might help:


Yeah, they’re not an authorised Apple service centre and that’s pretty much what’s happened, but i’ll have to go through a small claims court for them to see it like that :man_facepalming:

Just double checking Dan, you know for certain that’s the case?

Thanks anyhow

It’s not something that anybody in customer operations can see. There might be an analytics event somewhere, but we wouldn’t be able to surface these I’m afraid.

Only if you was enrolled in the Apple developer program, then you can view time stamps and even when you charged it by pressing console then logs or jailbroken (highly recommend you never jailbreak as it can do more harm than good) both of these must be before the screen fix.