My gambling amount has not reached Monzo account

Hello I am a Monzo User - and yesterday I withdraw amount from my casino account - Grosvernor. But it has been more than 24 hours and has not reached the Monzo account. Kindly help. I have not yet able to reach any customer care person as well.

Refunds, however worded, can take up to 7 days so if itโ€™s not received within than time frame reach out via chat.

Theyโ€™ll say to allow 7 days before raising it further.

where is the chat option - I am not able to locate it in my iOS Application

Under/Next to to my name

Itโ€™s nothing to do with Monzo. You need to go to Grosvenor.

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Has it been 7 days? (Ex staff here)

If you find you are gambling too much, or heavily rely on gambling to support yourself and cover your bills and living costs, let the team know and they may be able to support with this.

You can also apply a gambling block through the app if it helps.

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Its been a day. But in my other account with HSBC, it has been reflecting.

in my other account with HSBC, it has already been received - but the amount I withdraw for Monzo - it is not yet there

When Monzo have the money theyโ€™ll show it to you.

Have you spoken to Grosvenor?

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Unfortunately we have no control on when you receive your funds, we would recommend reaching out to Grosvenor and double checking this has been sent.

Refunds/Withdrawals can take up to 7 working days depending on how theyโ€™re processed.


It can take a few days in my experience, though itโ€™s sometimes really quick.

Generally refunds via Visa cards are quicker than MasterCard cards, and some money wallets (like Skrill) can be immediate.

It needs to be 7 days to pass before monzo can look further into it.

You seem in a rush for it, everything ok?

Just because itโ€™s landed in 1 bank, it doesnโ€™t mean it should then be showing in another bank. As people have said, it can take up to 7 working days.