Gambling refund to monzo card

Hi I’ve only switched to monzo properly in the last month. I used to bank with nationwide. And any withdrawals from bookmakers would normally be in my account within 4 hours because of visa direct. Obviously monzo will take longer. I’m just wondering how long people tend to wait for withdrawals to reach their monzo? Can it appear any time of any day, or is it similar to banks, if it’s not in the morning you won’t get it back until at least the next working day.

The bookmaker in question was Coral, and despite it being withdrawal a few days ago, they only processed it last night. I’ve not received it so I’m guessing the next day possible will be Monday? Thanks for your help

I don’t know if that’s true; it surely shouldn’t be.

Oh no it does. When visa direct lunched withdrawals in the main have been between 1-4hours max. Not all banks do visa direct though, so standard 2/3working days for them.

I was under the impression MasterCard always took much longer than banks, as in 3-5 working days.

When I withdrew from b365 it was there within 24 hours as a point of reference for monzo.

I normally find Sky Bet withdrawals appear in my account within 24 hours too.

Can it appear on a Saturday or cannot it not because it’s not a working day? Thanks

Monzo is a bank so why would it take longer? Probably processing at Coral is delaying it.

No coral has sent the money. It’s more to do with because it’s going back onto my card which is MasterCard. I think I’ve read something about cycles and MasterCard have 6 cycles a day apart from Sunday, but not certain. Guess I’ll just need to wait and see. Thanks anyway

Did it come on Saturday at all? I’ve had payments All week but a payment due today hadnt come and guessing it’s not going to appear now from what I’ve seen here? Many thanks