App Login without Debit Card

I logged into the app for the first time after making it through the waiting list and then went through the verification and debit card ordering process. If I remember correctly, it then told me to hold tight while the account is setup.

Later, I went into the app to see if I could take a look at my account. It said something about my debit card and I accidentally tapped the button to confirm its receipt. I haven’t received it though, and there’s no back button or cancel.

Is it even possible to get into the app without having my debit card yet (should I have support fix the state of my app), or is this just the normal process and I should chill while I wait for my mail? I don’t think I’ve ever opened an account where I couldn’t do anything until I got my debit card.


It’s a long time since I opened my account, and it was a U.K. account anyway so the process might be different, but I think you do have to wait until your debit card arrives before doing anything.

This is for account security but it also serves a secondary purpose as a way of checking that you really do reside at the address given.

The only problem will be if your card doesn’t arrive, although contacting support and explaining the situation would get you sorted out in that case.

Welcome to Monzo! :+1:

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I’m in the same position. Just opened my account today and waiting on my card.

While inconvenient, this actually seems like a good security measure – especially while they’re in beta before they have more automated mechanisms for identity verification. Happy to see they take security seriously (even though I have to wait to use my account :frowning_face:).

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Did you both get your cards eventually @zoomiez and @ttt222?