How to get a card from monzo?

I see (well read) people on here going to the office and getting their cards and that’s all well and good. Does being top of the waiting list mean that I will be one of the first to use it?

I would hope so but I doubt that very much, as there are people using the Android app right now. Maybe the first to use the non beta android app? If so then that could be many months away. A bit of clarity would help a lot.

Hopefully this video embed drops you at the right timecode.

In case anybody reading this can’t watch it, @tom announced that the Android app is launching in to public beta next month.

Until now, it was only available to owners of both iOS and Android devices as the Android app was not capable of handling new registrations and honestly was not in a very usable state. Within the last few weeks, the team at Monzo have done an incredible job of quickly bringing it up to the point where basic core functionality works. Because of that, they’ve now been able to bring on a small number of Android users at events with the public beta launching next month as @tom announced in the video above.


Which possibly means we will be getting Monzo cards and not Mondo cards.
Hmmmm interesting.

After looking on the forum it looks like I/we will be getting Mondo cards.

It just seems the haves and have nots at the moment. Maybe it’s just me
being a bit sensitive
Even if so there is a grain of truth in my
statement. In saying that somebody has to be first right? :slight_smile:

Sorry if that sounds like I am having a moan. It happens when I have not had my nap time. :slight_smile:

Hehe, it’s fine. The way I’m understanding things that have been said, if you are at the front of the queue on an Android device right now, you will be in the first batch when the Android public beta launches.

Sounds good as long as the card says Mondo in any case I’ll let you know. P.S. There’s something about Monzo (the name) I am just not feeling right now.

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Hi, is there a way we can refer a friend that is using Android?

Yeah tell them to download the app which will put them in the queue.