My deposit hasn’t arrived yet

I’ve been paid deposit for rent a car and it takes over 3 weeks doesn’t arrive. And I asked the company, they said we have refunded the deposit already and You have to ask your bank if it doesn’t arrive ask the bank to send you letter about that.
Thank you

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You’ll need to contact in app chat and they can look into it for you

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Hi @Saeedassaf I’ve removed the pic in your post as it looks like it might have some personal info in it

Hey @Saeedassaf :wave:

Thanks for letting us know.

Vehicle rental deposits, by their nature, can be held for up to 30 days before they auto reverse.

However, the good news is that if you have a confirmation letter from the company confirming that it’s just a holding deposit, then if you can send that over to us via the in-app chat we should be able to reverse that for you ahead of time :grinning:


Great can you send letter and write the deposit hasn’t arrived yet, to send it to the company

Please get in touch through our in-app chat and we can assist directly with this there.

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