Car Rental Deposit refund (How Long?)


I rented a car on a Saturday and the company told me I should receive my deposit back in 4-5 working days. It’s already been 5-6 days and I haven’t seen anything. They’ve told me that it was just a “Pre-authorisation” charge and that I should contact my bank if I haven’t received the money back. I wanted to know how long does Monzo take to refund my deposit.


It depends, you’ve said deposit and pre-auth.

Scroll to the very bottom of the transaction in app, does it say pending?

Thanks! It says pending! What does that mean?

Hi Alex & welcome :wave:

Pending means it hasn’t yet been taken (your balance shouldn’t have been affected by the transaction)

In cases like this, where you ‘get your money back’ - even though none has actually been taken, what actually happens is that the pending transaction simply disappears after a few days.

It means they’ve asked Monzo for the money, but it hasn’t completed yet.

You can tap the help button or whatever it says and it will give you more info about getting it back.


It says it can take 8 days until it appears on my account again. Do you know if this is “working days” or “any days”

There may be 2 things;

  • if a ‘pre-auth charge’ (like a ‘Card Check’) was made, then that’ll disappear or never be charged an amount because a monetary amount isn’t taken
  • if they owe you money, a monetary amount should be paid to you

What are the full details of the transaction - screenshot?

I know this doesn’t help now, but I would advise using a credit card for future deposits, that way you don’t need to worry for how long they block the money…


It just says the amount (£250) and “Pending transaction” at the bottom.

This is the receipt. The money was taken from my account but it’s not come back.


I thought in the instances of Car Rental, the hold was on there until the car is returned, to ensure the usual post-rental checks, etc… and then the time period for return of pre-auth was from that point onwards?


Oh yeah this :point_up_2:

The charge will be on there until the pre-auth expires. I find with my MBNA card this takes a full month but it can be much shorter. The hire company can fix it, but it’s unlikely they will.

The best thing to do is to tap on the transaction in your feed, scroll to the bottom and tap ‘something wrong’. Pass all the info you have on to Monzo and they might be able to return the money quicker.

Regarding the bit above, hopefully that was confirmed in writing rather than over the phone? If not write to the company and get them to say the same but in writing so that you can send the evidence to Monzo. I’d also try and get them to confirm that the rental is complete and no further charges are to be applied.

Also, as others have said I’d strongly recommend using a credit card when booking car hire in the future.
Make sure you come back and let us know how you got on.

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Monze, as i understand it will hold a transaction like this for 8 days or up to 31 days
depending on type of hold. as said before. start an in app chat for clarification.

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