Releasing deposit from car rental

Hi there

I used my flex card to pay for a deposit in South Africa. I was now told that Monzo can release the money back into my flex account.

I received a letter from the car rental agency but not sure how i can get this to monzo?

Can someone please assist?

Thank you!

Hi. Welcome.

Your car rental company should “release” the funds to say that they are no longer requiring that deposit, then it will automatically come back to you.

If they haven’t done this and you have proof that they will no longer take the funds, you can speak to Monzo and ask them to release it manually, they will require the proof (a photo of the letter), but this isn’t guaranteed.

Hi there

Thank you for your reply. Ill try Monzo.

You certainly can, but in my experience in can take up to 30 days for this to ‘release’ from the card.

This is why a proper credit card can be a better option for this.