Refund not occured

I paid a deposit for a hotel room on the 3rd of August. I left a week later and have been informed the re-payment Authorisation Center processed the teansaction on the 11th.

Its now the 15th and still have not been refunded the money and there is no note on my account telling me the refund is pending.

What should I do?

Refunds take up to a week - they have to make their way through the card networks before your bank is told they can return the money. If it does not show up by the 18th send a message through the Help section in the app and they might be able to just manually do it for you, maybe include a screenshot of the refund confirmation email if you can.


They can take upto a week to be returned. This is not Monzo’s doing but the card-processors. It always amazes me how they can take money instantly but refunds take a while to come back!

It is why most companies state, this taken from Amazon, in their terms and conditions:

Your refund request will be processed instantly. However, it may take 5-7 business days for it to display on your payment card statement.

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They don’t take the money instantly. Your bank holds it for them to take so you can’t spend it before they get a chance. It can take the same amount of time and longer for your money to hit a merchant


It can take up to 7 days to go back into your account. I have noticed that hotel authorisations take a lot longer on occasion, I have previously gotten confirmation from the hotel that they are not going to collect the money and cops have refunded the money straight away.

If you need the money urgently, maybe this is something you could do? :slight_smile:

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Yeah hotel Auths can take a up to a month I believe? If you need it released sooner contact Cops as others have said, hopefully they can sort you out :slight_smile:

This is correct! For hotel and vehicle rental authorisations it is 30 days, all other authorisations will expire after 7.

If you have some documentation showing that the amount was a hold and won’t be charged, send it to us through in app chat and we can reverse the auth ahead of time :slightly_smiling_face: