My card is frozen because it's stolen

My card is frozen because it has been stolen but one transaction has been approved.
Please let me know what happened and how i can block any further fraudolent activites to go ahead

Contact customer services via the in app chat or


Please come back and let us know what happened though!

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Hi all,
Thank you for the response.
I have called the emergency number and they refunded the amount right away.

Thank you for the help!


Thanks for coming back! Did they tell you why it happened though?

Apparently it was a miscommunication with the vendor, Transport for London. The transaction should have not gone through.


Thanks, I guess the way TfL operate is slightly different to most places in that they charge the card the day after for the full amount.


Yup, so the way TfL works is that it authorises your card the first time you tap in on a given day. It then records all the taps you make going through ticket gates.
At about 3am the next morning, TfL goes through and calculates your total ticket cost that day - based on whether you hit any zone limits etc. etc. and then resend the authorisation for that amount and passes it for presentment - that’s when the money leaves your account.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

So if the card had been used that day, before it is blocked, it would then allow others to use it after it had been blocked, and the charge will appear the next day, even if you think it’s blocked. (or the thief taps in before it gets blocked)

I assume if the card is blocked and used for the first time in a day, it wouldn’t have worked.

Hmmm, that would be one to ask COPs however if there is a valid authorisation before the block, there is no reason to deny a presentment afterwards however yes - you’re right you would be able to use it for TfL after blocking (as TfL only contacts the card network on the first tap in of the day).

@Andymalerba just for my curiosity, had you used the card with TfL previously that day? Or could the thief have touched in with it before you blocked it?