Tfl unpaid fare

This week I used my Monzo more than usual. I forgot to keep enough money for tfl. Last night they try to collect the daily charge from yesterday but o didnt have enough in the account.

Did they try automatically more than 3 times on the same day to collect the charge ? In the tfl account dont appear anything pending yet.

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Apply the same to Monzo ?

This isn’t really bank specific, it’s what TfL do that matters.

But I have no idea, I have no experience of this, I just googled your question.

You can find similar information on the TfL website here but most of the advice says to contact your card issuer - which won’t help unless your card has been blocked.

Normally what’s happen is that TfL will try repeatedly, but block your card on their side until the payment goes through.

If they stop trying then you can usually force it through in two ways - by logging in to your tfl contactless account (or creating one and adding your card to it) or by tapping it on a TfL card reader.

If your card is blocked then it won’t let you through the barrier, but once they’ve successfully taken the funds and processed it on their side they’ll unblock your card and you’ll be able to use it to travel. This generally takes around 30 minutes :blush:


I imagine the people behind you at the barrier for that 30 minutes when you keep trying to see if it works yet would be kind and understanding about the delay :see_no_evil:


Well, that information is on barclays website. In tfl just point you to your bank and i couldnt find that info in Monzo.

FYI: if the card have money they try at least 4 times on the same day, first attempt declined, 2 times they check the card with 0.10 charges and when I realised the situation and topup the account they claimed the fare. I managed to still using my card to travel with tfl all day and about 6 pm they charge me the amount unpaid.

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