Locked card - attempted use audited?

I’m interested to know if you can ask for details of any attempted transactions on a blocked card. Even if these are audited.

Why should you? It’s not your card, it’s Monzo’s. Why should you get to see what happening on their systems once a card is disassociated with your money?

You need to remember a person who steals the card issued to you isn’t attacking your money per se, they’re attacking the money held in the bank. Your money is never in danger, it is Monzo which bears the potential loss.

And, anyway, I would imagine giving away information on how it deals with potential theft would assist those trying to carry out those thefts.

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Probably not, if they did audit it, the info would probably sacred to the Fraud prevention team and the magic they are cooking up.

@yonny24 out of curiosity, what are you trying to do? :eyes:

What is meant by blocked? Cancelled and no longer usable. Frozen? A temporary block on it by the bank?

Sorry Locked.

If you did the transactions then I don’t see why you can’t request some details, but what are you looking for over what it shows in the app, store location, time and amount

My wife thinks her card is in the house somewhere. I think she lost it. Was one particular evening. Only one time she opened her purse. The establishment said nothing had been handed in.
Locked it straight away. (bit annoying as she lost it 2 days before and found it on her car floor the next morning!! Then again the next day. Wish these things had gps trackers on them lol)

Would be intersting to know if someone had tried the contactless to confirm if it has landed in the wrong hands.

If it doesn’t turn up in a week or so I’ll order a new one. She has her personal card as a back up.

I have to ask, why would you want to know? If your card is locked, then does it matter?

wouldn’t she get a notification that her card was declined because it was frozen though if someone had attempted to use it ?


I almost certain you would get a notification if the someone tried to use the card when frozen I definitely have , but I can’t comment if you would for all types of transactions.

I suppose there’s no harm in asking monzo though.


To pile on, I am certain you get a notification when using a locked card as I did it by accident in February

Had turned off Monzo, my main card, while at an event and was using Starling as a “fun money” card

Tried to use Monzo and I got a notification to say that the transaction failed as the card is locked

(Obviously different to what happens after you activate a new card, which I believe is what @j06 was describing)

If your card is frozen you’ll get an in app notification.
If your card is blocked / replaced you’ll get no notification.


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