TFL Payment Following Theft (after freezing and requesting new card)

Hi there - I am a Monzo customer, but messaging on behalf of my sister. She unfortunately had her wallet stolen on Saturday evening, and the thief proceeded to use her Monzo card to get the tube. We managed to freeze it before he came off the underground, however she still got charged £6 the following day, even though there were a number of rejected attempted payments inbetween freezing the card and the £6 payment to TFL on Sunday. Please can you help us understand why that payment still went through?

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The payment had already been authorised before you froze the card so the payment has to be honoured. You can chat to Monzo via in app chat to discuss the possibility of clawing back the £6


Thanks Andy!

She could still try to contact support to attempt to reclaim the money though.


Isn’t this because TFL uses offline payments?

Which means the merchant will not speak to the bank for authorisation, will be auto authorised, then presented as an offline transaction later.

As far as I’m aware Monzo doesn’t have much control over offline payments but if they were wrongfully charged you’ll usually get a refund.


It’s still a fraudulent transaction, even though the card wasn’t frozen (and it doesn’t sound like negligence), so I’d be surprised if Monzo doesn’t refund the £6. But the only people who can answer this are in-app support.


I’ve just had that happen to me as well - and they did it on my sole and joint Monzo accounts and my Amex. Unfortunately some TFL payments are processed “offline” so there can be a bit of a lag. Although both Monzo and Amex were very good at sorting it out.


So you got a full refund of the fradulant transaction?

Yes, all was refunded