My bank card is damaged, when i try to order a new one why am i being charged £5

My bank card is damaged and when I try to order a new one why am i being charged £5

Ask Monzo in app chat.

Unfortunately, we won’t know why.

You damaged it or it arrived damaged?

You don’t get unlimited replacements for free, so that’s why you are charged.

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If you’re classed as using Monzo as your bank account (via meeting requirements with pay in etc) you should get 2 free replacements a year, and from then be charged £5 per issue of new card.

If not, due to not meeting the pay in, or for whatever reason - it is £5 a pop.

I’d like to think that Monzo would be up for helping you, via in-app chat… please get back to us on what happens.


Hey there :wave:

Unfortunately if the card is damaged through usage we do charge a £5 fee for the replacement unless you fall into the Higher Allowances category.

If you received a fault card during delivery we do also cover this - if you fall into that situation please use the support chat. :smiley:

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Alternatively, if you’ve got access to some other bank card to use in the meantime, do what it takes to start qualifying for the Higher Allowances category from now, then as soon as you’re fully qualified you can order your new card for free.

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Don’t say “unfortunately”. If that’s Monzo’s policy, own it.


Sorry if any offence was caused?

Unfortunately was used here to describe the situation that it’s unfortunate that the person has damaged their card.

Not sure how it could have been interpreted another way. :heart:


No offence was taken! I read it as “unfortunately our policy costs you money”. It’s fine to charge, but please don’t say “unfortunately we have to charge you”.