Faulty card?

Hi all!

I appear to have a faulty card. ATMs and C+P machines don’t recognise the card, and contactless doesn’t work. It’s lived in my wallet since I’ve had it, with my other cards, all of which work flawlessly. I last managed to use this in August last year (abroad).

The problem I have is that Monzo seem to suggest I have to pay for a replacement card, even though it’s undamaged…

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions, or am I at the will of Monzo support?

The first two replacements are free if you use Monzo like a bank. If you haven’t touched the card since August last year then you probably don’t, so it’s a £5 fee.

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You haven’t accidentally frozen the card in the app?

Just use Google or Apple Pay until such time as you get an automatic replacement when the card expires? It doesn’t sound like you’re using the card or the account in anger, tbh.


This was my other plan.

I do use the card regularly, via Google Pay, since my physical card does not work. The last time I successfully used the physical card was August, since it generally just stays in my wallet. The fact the app says 0/2 had me wondering if I’d just forgotten I’d replaced it twice (since I have actually replaced my credit card once due to a fault, but that was 5 years old). I really do not understand why a faulty card, through no fault of my own (since the card is undamaged), is chargeable, surely that is an issue Monzo need to take up with their suppliers of said cards. If they’re insistent people should pay for replacements even if the card just fails through no fault of the consumer, then why are thefts replaced for free?

I would have moved to Monzo being my main bank account, ease of use of the app for payments / notifications of payments/transactions, and has great international coverage… however, the customer support is leaving a lot to be desired, and so for the time being, I’m staying with a high street bank, until Monzo can prove otherwise that they’re on par with them.

I have used Google Pay since the card did not function.

The limits reset I think (mine says 2/2 and that it resets Jan 1st 2025), so you’d have had to have replaced it twice quite recently to have exhausted that limit.

Yep, and that’s where the confusion has come from. I don’t have any direct debits as I don’t use my Monzo account as my main bank account - I was going to before this fiasco started.

What it SHOULD say is 0/0 if I don’t have any, because I definitely have not replaced my card twice!

If you have a credit card you could set up a direct debit to pay it from your Monzo account. It doesn’t have to collect for it to count as active.

So I think I have the 2 replacements as I have Plus.

If you’re using Monzo as more of a bank, we think you rely on us more so you’ll get two free card replacements per year, per account. After this we’ll charge you £5 per replacement card delivery. We’ve explained our criteria for what we mean by ‘relying on us’ in the links below.

I don’t use Monzo as a bank at all but I have 2 free replacements which must be from Plus.

It’s really important that you don’t have any restrictions on your access to cash if you’re using Monzo more as a bank than as a spending account, because you’re likely to be relying on us for more of your core banking needs. The same is true if you have a Monzo Plus account. So if you have Monzo Plus or meet our criteria (which we’ve explained in detail below), you’ll keep getting fee-free cash withdrawals in the EEA, which includes the UK. You’ll also get two replacement cards in the UK for free.

Yes, it’s Plus.

I think the problem is that Monzo cards will be prone to people replacing them to get new designs, so to cover that they charge for them. I agree there should be some sort of capacity for replacing genuinely faulty cards, but Monzo’s issue is probably that they can’t tell the genuine ones from the people that just want a new card, short of you sending the old card back as evidence.

I’d say try and get in touch with support, check with them when the card was last replaced, and see if they can make an exception as it is genuinely faulty.

I have, support refused, and the complaints process is getting on for its 6th week. I may have confused them by suggesting I might have had a replacement already (thinking I got 1 free one), but actually, that was likely my credit card last year, and not my monzo card. The fact they didn’t seem to know if I had had a replacement yet or not was a bit concerning, not “you have not had a replacement”, but, “when did you?”.

I have, funnily enough, just changed my energy DD over, but I expect it’ll not show as “active” until it takes payment, which won’t happen for another 2 weeks. Credit card is the same, it will not change the DD date until the next one has been taken.

Interestingly enough, I’ve had the confirmation that the DD has been set up, and I have paid in the required amount as per the T+Cs. What isn’t clear, is whether it needs to be 35 days since that payment for it to apply or not.

For now, it still states I need to pay for the replacement.