Charge for Faulty Card

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So if a card isn’t physically damaged (as in no obvious signs of user damage) but the chip appears to not be working any more, why would this incur a replacement fee?

Trying to find the T&C’s for replacement but also not finding the justification for a £5 fee for this.

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Nope. No charge if it’s not your fault.

That’s not listed as a reason to get a free one, only if it’s faulty when it arrives

Otherwise you could get a free one for putting it in the washing machine or microwave


I thought the same too but the fee announcement topic says they will only replace for free if delivered damaged.


Time for a chat merry-go-round-lucky-dip-bingo!

First replacement is free anyway isn’t it?

Can’t see that mentioned in here either

You get 2 free replacements if you use Monzo as your main account

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Two free if you qualify

If you’re using Monzo as more of a bank, we think you rely on us more so you’ll get two free card replacements per year, per account.

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These fees won’t affect most people though – based on how people used Monzo in the last year, 79% of people wouldn’t have paid any of these fees at all. If you’re using Monzo more as a main bank and not as just a spending card you won’t pay fees at the cash machine at all, and you’ll get two free plastic card replacements a year.

2 free in that bit

It’s my partner and they’ve been told it’s £5 replacement. First one too. The card looks pretty pristine and it previously worked but the chip no longer does. I was just surprised they were asked for £5 charge.

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I am a Plus plan customer, this is what I see on my allowance list :point_down:

Are you a payable :monzo: customer?
If not, your allowance probably is lower :thinking:

I’d rather cass to another bank than pay for a replacement for a damaged card …


I believe he just managed to come back to :monzo: :back:, don’t push him :sweat_smile:

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Maybe you should tell that Monzo: I’m not the one charging for replacements for faulty cards. :laughing:


If its a faulty card, don’t do it via the automated process, speak to a COP is my advice.

My metal card chip failed so couldn’t use chip and pin or contactless and Monzo replaced for free, after checking a few things, and I had the receipts as well from merchants…

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It was via a chat agent that was told since the card previously worked it would be charged for.

Just feels a tad strange to charge to replace a card that isn’t working. I assumed that the fee would kick in if it was clearly user caused or an excessive number of times.

Ps. This isn’t for me, it’s my partner. Monzo still haven’t opened me an account :laughing:


Thats is odd… as it’s not your fault it stopped working…

It’s almost like a predatory charge :grimacing:

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Wow, that’s a total joke, but not funny one :expressionless:

Are you still trying to get them to open it for you?
Any other updates on the case?

It could be something they did :man_shrugging:

All the OP needs to do is dump some money in the account (£500) and setup a PayPal direct debit. Then they will qualify for free replacements.

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I appreciate this is a slight off topic part to your original query @coffeemadman but are you speaking to any of our teams over email or through the app. Feel free to send me a DM to continue the chat.

Regarding fees, pretty sure most users here will remember when we introduced them but if you don’t there’s a breakdown of the what/why/how over here.

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