Monzo stole my money

My account recently got closed and Monzo recently only returned around half of my money back. I had over £500 in my savings account but only received £300. What do I do. I’ve called them and they’ve told me they can’t do anything about it

You’ll need to lodge a complaint

If that gets you nowhere then you can complain to the financial ombudsman

They’ll only ‘keep’ money if they believe there’s a legal reason to do so, and they’ll return it to where it came from

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Have u been doing any doggy dealing or giving your bank account details to other to use…
Monzo would not just block your account for no reason. Look like the remaining funds have been returned to the sender

We will only ever hear your side of the story, as nobody from Monzo can help on here and they don’t comment on personal matters like this. You’ll need to contact them via email or phone where it can be discussed in private.

Monzo are fully regulated so I’m sure it’s not as black and white as you’re making it out to be.

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As ever in these cases, customers (us) can be of no help to you. All you can do is contact Monzo directly and follow it through from there.

There is some advice in the thread above that may help but to avoid all the usual speculation that kicks off in this type of thread I’ve closed it down.

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