Bank Statement Please

Dear Monzo,

My account has recently been shut down for god knows what reason, every time I try and sign in to the app using my email it says my email doesn’t exist, however this is the exact email I used to set up the account with, I rang up earlier and spoke to one of your customer service representatives and they couldn’t access my old account with my phone number or email address or details.

A transaction was meant to be sent to my account however I never received this transaction and my account was shut down with £0.00GBP, is it possible to get a copy of a bank statement of all of my transactions on the account please and can you please get back to me as why my account has been shut down, as I use this account a lot for everyday purchases. Thank you.

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Hi. Welcome.

Your account was closed by Monzo? If it has been closed then you won’t be able to log in.

Are you 100% sure they are the correct details that you created your account with?

Monzo will not tell you why the account was closed, they are legally not allowed to do that. Nobody here will be able to get you the statements, you’ll have to email with all your details and proof of ID.


@Revels beat me to it. You are talking mainly to customers here, who will not be able to help any further than that. If a Monzo staff member does pop in, it will be to say what was said above.


They are definitely my correct details, same number and email address and details

Didn’t know that sorry, thank you though


I’d reach out to whoever was meant to send you this - as chances are it’s been returned to them, and not with Monzo.


This guy did the same for me… Monzo spy :smile: