Monzo closed my account. where is my money?


I received a e-mail at 07:42 today saying my account was closed.

"Hi Nicolae,

We have closed your account.

As per our terms and conditions we reserve the right to close an account at anytime.

Apologies for any inconvenience, and we have no further information on the decision to close your account.

Kind Regards,

Bella Wiles"

That is the exact words of the e-mail. I was paid today my wages. So the money is where guys?

It’s a big fat joke. Can I have my money back?

I am trying to solve this in a civilised way. I will complain as I wont give up my money that I worked for.

Thank you.

no one can help on here we are all customers you will have to call the number on the back of your card

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Thanks for the reply. So no kind of employee from Monzo here. That’s sad. Should have listened to family and friends not to bother with virtual banks.

I am literally left unable to buy food for my children because of this.

Just great.

Hi Nicholas.

As our email has detailed we’d be unable to provide further information on the decision.

We’d also be unable to discuss any account specific over the Community.