Multiple ATM withdrawal failures

I had an awesome experience the other day with Customer Support

My card has been declining in cash machines for the last week or so, no idea why. First time I thought it was just a glitch so left it and a mate paid by cash. A few days later different machine it declined again, over the road same thing declined so I messages Customer Support explaining and asking if there was anything wrong with my account to stop cash withdrawals. First question I am asked “Have I withdrawn from an ATM before?” lol look at my join date (2016) it would be obvious to anyone that I would have done. Then they said future withdrawals should go through but seeing it was 4 machines in 3 hours something is clearly wrong which I said and then I said I would just wait till the next time as I really cba to talk as I was getting no where. They then asked for the last 4 digits of my card and again said it should be working fine by then I had tried another 2 more machines and the same thing happened so I just said again I would wait and try more machines. They basically said ok no problem and to let them now if there was anything else.

So 5 declines in a day and 1 a few days before and my card is ok?

Could have asked what machine I was using, or if card was damaged or wet or what other things that could go wrong or asked if I wanted a new card sent out…

Anyway left me feeling all warm and fuzzy :eyes:

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Had me wondering who you were at the start but luckily recognised you by the end


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Have you raised an escalation?

Did you get an in-app decline message though?
If not, the ATM withdrawal request probably didn’t even reach Monzo’s backend.


Nah no point, I will just try another machine if/when I actually need cash and if it fails just order new card and use old bank.

Nothing, it’s the machines I reckon. I think they were all them notemachine ones.


I can imagine the frustration in relation to that interaction.

I would suggest though raising a complaint formally as it’s only those complaints that can drive the matter forwards and the issue (or apparent lack of knowledge on how to deal with the issue) would get picked up this way.

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Why has this topic been moved @alexs? It was in relation to a bad Customer Service experience and therefore relevant to the topic. @anon72173902 has already suggested he has spoken to in app support in relation to this issue.

It was annoying af trust me but I really can’t be bothered to escalate it…

Monzo cards don’t work at notemachine ATMs :frowning:
Due to Monzo not being connected to the LINK network

It has done before though that’s the thing. I use the same one to get cash for the barber.

I think one or two may have been notemachine.

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I’ll echo this @Alexs

My comment has now been taken out of context because you split the post - There was zero need to create a new thread about this.

Sorry about that Danny - that doesn’t sound up to our usual standard.

I’m off tomorrow, but I’ll look into it on Tuesday and see what happened here - both your actual query and what happened with your support experience.

No rush mate as I said I’ll just wait till I need cash and see if it happens again.

My local ATM is brand new and run by note machine. Monzo works just fine for me here.

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