ATM fail

(Andrew Ross) #1

Today I tried to withdraw £10 from my local cash machine. It appeared to work but then didn’t give the cash out (I was told by the bank that the machine had run out of cash). I checked on the app and the money had been withdrawn and then deposited back in straight away which was fine.

I then withdrew a further £10 out of the cash machine next to it that worked.

I not convinced this is a bug but it doesn’t look right to me in the app that it now says that I’ve withdrawn £20 from that location (£10 was a failed transaction). Interestingly it also says I have had 4 visits to this retailer when I’ve only had 3


Hope this makes sense.

(Terry) #2

I believe the app currently does not take into considerations failed transactions and refunds hence why it’s showing as £20.

In terms of the number of visits, have you been to any other ATM’s? I think the failed transaction would count as 2, as supposedly 1 visit visiting and 1 visit returning the money.

Although I agree with you, this needs to be changed so failed ATM withdrawals only count as 1 transaction and for refunds to be taken into consideration.

(Caleb Wong) #3

Currently seems Mondo are counting each transaction as one visit, that’s why. But I do get your point. One of my online purchase made some checks on the card by charging 1 and refunding 1 a few times, then it showed all those in my record. Don’t like but seems at the moment, it will be like this.

One question for @Mondo team, when merchant do a refund to your card, can you/banks link them back to the original transaction? Or are they totally separated items?

(Andrew Ross) #4

I’ve worked out why it’s four: changing my PIN number also counted as using the machine. Like it but average expenditure is over 2 (the refunded and the original) but shows 4 transaction.

(Richard Dingwall ) #5

Yes this was an old behaviour - declined transactions should no longer count towards spending totals in the latest version of the app. :bug:

Yes! Connecting “linked” transactions together e.g. purchase + refund is something we would love to improve in future. There are a lot of nice things we could do in this area. :mondo: