Moving Direct Debts to joint account but keeping old (external) accounts active

Wonder if anyone can help.
My partner and I have setup a joint account with Monzo, so we can have one account where we can transfer money into it from our own external accounts, to use to pay for our monthly Direct Debts.
I am trying to work out a way to easily transfer all my DD I have with Santander to the joint Monzo account without closing down the Santander account.
The only option I see is for the account to be transferred over to Monzo with the DD’s and it closes down the other Santander account, which I do not want to occur.

Any guidance would be most grateful.
Is the only way, to manually adjust and transfer them one by one somehow?

The only way if you don’t want to use CASS is to do it manually.

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Ok thanks
Another question if you do not mind. If I decide to fully transfer my current account from the other bank (which includes the Direct Debts) to my Monzo current account. Is it then simply enough to adjust the Direct Debts to the joint count (also with Monza)?
Thinking of having my main account with Monzo, and then the shared joint account with my partner which is purely for our Direct Debts and any other shared payments, like using the joint card for our food shopping etc.

Tried looking at the help guides but it was not clear

If you CASS to your own Monzo account you’d still have to manually move everything to the joint account. You can’t do it simply from the Monzo app.

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Appreciate the response and information.


Hi @n0mis & welcome :wave:

We did the same many years ago and it works really well:

  • Manually change the bank account used for the Direct Debits from your [insert bank here] current account to the Monzo Joint account Sort Code & Account# - do this at least 10-14 days before any direct debit is due for payment
  • Once all have been moved over, it’ll take a month for it all to settle. Once you have a grip on the amount of Direct Debits/Standing Orders/Scheduled payments each month, set-up a Joint Account Bills pot and transfer an amount from your Personal account(s) to the Joint account and then into the Joint Account Bills pot, to automatically cover all expected Bills. Ensure each DD/SO/SP is set to be paid from the Bills pot
  • Thats it! - the amount left in the Joint account is now ‘disposable’ spending, as you’ve ringfenced the values needed to pay the bills

It takes a bit of setup, but once you have it going, it just works.