Moving Direct Debits from Monzo Sole to Monzo Joint


Myself and my partner have recently opened a joint account. I would really like the feature to be able to transfer all my direct debits from my sole Monzo account to our joint account. I know the feature currently exists and is in testing at the moment with staff members and certain people. Before I start calling all the various merchants and going through the work of individually changing them over. Can I get any more information on when this feature will be made available to all or land in labs?.. or if I can put myself forward as a guinea pig and help out with this test… both of us taking advantage of this opportunity?

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be careful about the joint account, no overdraft facility and the statement export functionality is not on par with the personal account either (no breakdown of savings pots) for some reason the joint account is the poor relation of the personal with no roadmap or commitment to future equivalence

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I am in the same situation and would love to know why this feature stalled at the staff rollout phase.

I could be wrong, but I believe this is due to complications arising from who is liable for the overdraft should it not be paid back.

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This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:

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I think the point being made is not a feature suggestion, but asking why the feature, which does exist, has not been rolled out further.

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It’s not complicated. You’re both liable, and it’s basic legal.

I can’t understand why Monzo and Starling can’t or won’t do overdrafts on joint accounts. They’re simple to provide.

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Then every other bank that provides overdrafts on joint accounts is in big trouble :joy:

As mentioned above, both parties are legally liable, so what’s the issue here?

Not that I’d get my other half to apply for a Monzo account anyway, but that’s another story.

Sorry, I should have been clearer. Due to the relative ease of opening an account (i.e. no need to visit a branch), Starling, Monzo and most other digital banks have experienced a higher than average level of fraud (i.e. in this case, people withdrawing their full overdraft and then just deleting the app). I suspect this may be, in part, the reason for their reluctance to offer joint overdrafts.

You have evidence for this claim?

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Your tone is unnecessarily aggressive. I assumed this was common knowledge. As for “evidence”, it depends how concrete you want your evidence to be. Obviously none of us have access to sensitive data, but a simple google search throws up articles like this:

“Monzo is aware that as a challenger bank it is high on the target list for fraudsters keen to exploit any gaps in its defences.”

EDIT: removed errant comma

But this is a standard feature of a legacy bank joint account …

I think we are taking my original speculation a bit far. Let’s respect the OP and try not to derail this thread any further?

I’ll just pop this here:

I should clarify, I mean fraudsters stealing from Monzo directly, not their customers. I have full faith in Monzo’s security!

EDIT: perhaps my original comment should have read “attempted fraud”

These data might be useful:

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So nowhere in that newspaper article is there any evidence which backs up the assertion

The article doesn’t even mention Starling, nor “any other digital banks”, and it is perfectly possibly to open an account with every high street bank and never step foot into a single one, so challenger banks are not unique in this feature.

Neither does the article mention the type of offence you claim is so common:

This isn’t evidence for what you’ve stated. It’s just Monzo detailing the types of attack vectors it suffers (some of which aren’t even successful).

I made a throw away comment based on a half-remembered conversation with a Monzo staff member, which at no point did I assert as fact, more speculation for a possible reason for some of the disparity between the sole and joint accounts. I don’t want to name said staff member and drag them into it. I never at any point discussed account takeover fraud.