Card refused at Pay at Pump

I have been refused yet again at the petrol pump , is it Monzo policy to refuse psyvat pump payments ??

@Rika explained pay at the pump systems here and the blog post she links to is informative too.

If you want something more specific to your situation, then in app chat will be able to look into it to see why your card was declined :slight_smile:

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Can’t understand that. Tried to use Asda Pay At Pump last week. I had £24 and my card was declined. I tried few times and £1 transactions was declined. £1 not £99 or £100

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I’ve had problems in the past with pay at pump and not just with monzo cards. They just seem to be a little temperamental at best. Sometimes they won’t accept cards just because they are having a bad day then when they do accept the card it takes 10 day to show in your account. But as mentioned work is being done to improve the system.

I was always under the impression that Monzo declined the PAP transaction if you had under £100 in available funds


The point is that some pay at pump systems check to see if you have £100 in your account, regardless of how much fuel you are buying… if you don’t they decline the transaction. This scheme is changing though and is not specific to Monzo.


Yes. But how they can check that if they requested £1 only? My feed shows two declines for £1?

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From what I understand it’s monzo that decline it due to there not being the maximum u can fill up of £99 not being in the account but I could be wrong


If this is the case the P@P machine should try lower amounts.

If the P@P is only authorising £1, the responsibility shifts to the merchant and Monzo shouldn’t be interfering as far as I’m aware? If Monzo are intervening then they should be giving the reason in app rather than just saying ‘Declined’ as they will know why (because it’s them doing it).

They are declining it as you don’t have the maximum amount that is possible to dispense from the pump available in your account.
It’s been talked a lot on here but if you have less than £100 in your Monzo account my tip is don’t bother with P@P go to a kiosk instead.


I’ve used p@p plenty of times with less than £100 in my available funds with my RBS account I do it at least once a month.
I am yet to try it with my monzo card though.

I use my Monzo card most weeks with under £50 in my account at Asda and it always works

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Yeah seems of they wouldn’t accept it as the fuel stations would loose out and by rights you can drive away after fuelling up and have up to 14 days to pay them

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Do you have an overdraft active?

Nope don’t have one

Nope I dont

Correct me if I am wrong, but hasn’t it been the case that PATP tries to authorise £99 and then actually shows as £1 till it is settled later that day or the next?

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Not yet, I believe once everything is sorted fully implemented correctly across all P@P, they will remove £99 then adjust a day later on Monzo anyway :wink:

I use to can use my monzo card at Costco pay pump, used it a few times with no problems, then it stopped accepting my card now even though I have more than the £99 to more than cover the payments now I just use my legacy bank even with £1 in it, it still works at Costco pump so I think they probably blocked the monzo BIN

My Monzo card worked this morning with CostCo PAP (Sheffield), they do now authorise £99 and then within 10minutes the true cost is shown (only wish Monzo updated the notifcation to show its been corrected), i know Morrisons, Sainsburys and Tesco authorise £1 and then take forever to correct the amout spent.

Which leads me to believe that CostCo are a lot more advanced and are doing realtime settlement, where as the others are cheap and batch settle.

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