More ways to improve merchant info

So I recently had a transaction which showed really wrong merchant info. Not sure why but because I knew no better I asked for help through the app. Turns out I could have gone into the transaction and clicked one button to fix what was shown.

Unfortunately the ways of doing this were very limited. Improving the mercant info does a search of some online database but whatever this is did not list the place I was at. Also the only way of adding an icon appears to be if they have a twitter presence.

It would be really good if there was a way of manually entering a web address for the company (In this case was a cafe inside a council sports centre).

Has this already been suggested?


It’s Google data — if it’s not accurate or you can’t find your merchant, there is an option to enter it manually.


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You’re right, merchant data correction is in need of much improvement. It’s moaned about often.

Only accepting Twitter (or Instagram) logos is my biggest annoyance. If you send in a correction or get it touch with Monzo then you can always get a name or address fixed, but for the many merchants without a Twitter account there is nothing they’ll do.


:cry: we will get there eventually.


@RachelR has been doing sterling work today updating things!


The lack of choice for the logo did seem a little odd to me. The specific merchant in this case was “Cafe 42” which is the cafe inside Derby Arena. They do have a web presence but no Google “place”


I know this is a “small” issue but also feels like adding some more options to fixing this data would improve the whole communities experience


It would be great to see a better way we can feed back to you the correct info, perhaps an option to send you & your team a direct message from within the app; with a photo of the shop sign or something else relevant so you know what you find online is the right thing.

How else can we (the community) help?

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I would love something like that! It’s in my notes for the future of Merchant Reviews.

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