Logos and merchant names not being updated

I submitted updated merchant information for a transaction with no information. It’s a transaction for the streaming service hayu. It’s been almost a week and the data hasn’t updated in my app. Merchant data is usually very quick to update when I have submitted feedback in the past.

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Sadly experiencing the same.

Do make sure that you somehow clear local data (logging out and back in works best) if it’s a transaction past a week.

It seems as if merchant data corrections have entirely stalled. I have corrections from more than eight weeks ago that still have not been processed and certain logos are even starting to disappear as the original images get changed/removed and Monzo’s caching somehow fails.

Talked to support twice on one of the issues where a merchant has the same logo, same name but is in the merchant database as two different entities. Both times told to just submit a correction of nothing. Issue persists today and messes with spending data if you visit the two locations.

See A quick update on merchant feedback (icons and names)

Hey there @svplolz :wave:! Thanks for bringing this up. As you may know, we made some changes a few months back (working on a new tool which depended on the platform migration) which caused somewhat of a backlog to develop with our feedback. :disappointed_relieved: We’re working through clearing this, but simultaneously growing our number of users so it has been taking longer than we would ideally like! We are currently behind by around 800 individual user-submitted merchant feedback, and each needs to be manually reviewed and verified so it can take a while.

This is a top priority for us in the Operations team so you should start to see feedback having an impact very soon as we work to :rocket: through this 800 with the new members of the team who start this week ! :tada:

Merchant data feedback is an invaluable resource that we’re keen to maintain, grow and expand- please do continue to submit and we’ll be working double time to catch up!

Really sorry for the delays and thanks so much for your patience, and input! We’re working on it as fast as possible! :muscle: If you’ve got any further questions do drop us another message!

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The new tool / update, as outlined by Daniel, sounds great!

Are there any plans to improve the (user) feedback interface? Some sort of Twitter autocomplete similar to Buffer would be helpful: Introducing Smart Twitter Autocomplete for Web and Mobile

Or depending on how most users look up Twitter usernames, it would be nice to be able to do the same search within the app rather than leaving it.


What’s the best way to submit requests if we’re using Android, and what data do you need?

Great point @saveen, this is certainly something we’ll be looking into as we develop the tool, thanks for pointing it out! :blush:

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Hi there @uncle_fungus, this is a high priority in terms of our Android development. :rocket: While we work on this, you can submit merchant feedback either on the community forum or directly via the in-app chat :blush:

Thanks @Sarahm! Perhaps the autosuggest feature could be based on Twitter’s API and Google’s Custom Search JSON/Atom API, as searching for [merchant name] + “Twitter” often brings up the correct Twitter handle in Google. From there the user could view and select the correct avatar themselves all within the Monzo app.

For sure! We have some designs for this that @hugo might be able to share :slight_smile: The problem is that it’s hard to prioritise this vs other really amazing features that affect more people. Totally agree it’s a pain though at the moment.