Better Transaction Information on Android

(Beatrice Borbon) #1

Android users can now share feedback about the merchant information we show in the Monzo app!

Let’s help each other make everyone’s feeds look :ok_hand:

(Simon B) #2


(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #3

What I’d love to see here is a status! When this feature hit the beta channel last week I went though my entire history and submitted all missing merchant info :yum:

The app says it’ll be a couple of days but it’s been longer than that :wink:

I’ve no doubt the feedback hasn’t been ignored! But knowing that ‘information has been submitted, it’s in review’ would be nice :slight_smile:

Also stops loads and loads of duplicates from other users (or me forgetting if I submitted any feedback for the merchant who’s still missing a lovely icon :blush:)

But I’m super happy to see this finally reach android!! :heart_eyes: Want all of those merchants looking top notch :joy:

(Peter Gonnella) #4

Surfacing an ATM’s owners logo (TSB,NatWest etc.) where possible would be awesome.


So you’re why our queue grew :thinking:

We get all the feedback into a queue which Cops work on, if it’s busy it’s not priority number 1, but we get there :+1:

Twitter and facebook links are appreciated. :tada:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #6

:joy::joy::joy::sweat_smile: Sorry about that!

Couldn’t help it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: good to hear it’ll get worked though :slight_smile:

(Madeline Snedker) #7

Being able to view daily and weekly spending totals! I hate having to add it up manually!

(Sam P) #8

Is it possible to suggest a logo that’s not based on a twitter handle? Some of my merchants don’t have twitter, and others do but have better logos elsewhere.


Facebook and instagram :+1:


And for foreign companies Vkontakte (VK) and other leading regional social media for Russian, Chinese, etc merchants?


Website urls are also good. I’m working on this now actually.

(Sam P) #12

Ah is there another method of feedback I’m not aware of? Tapping on “suggest a logo” on Android leads me to this page

Also it turns out that the merchant I was interested in didn’t have a great logo anywhere, so ended up using twitter after all :sweat_smile:


I’ve honestly never used it, maybe I should attempt the flow myself :see_no_evil:

I always look at the website suggested or google it to see if I can find pages for the company. I like to at least try and fill the logo gap!

(Richard Bairwell) #14

Could the twitter handle thing actually have a “Confirm this is the correct Twitter account” [showing profile details] option to ensure we’ve typed the handle correctly (especially with Twitter on mobile making it more difficult to copy a handle). “Autocomplete” as we type would be brilliant, but I’m guessing that’ll be a much involved integration.


We have a handy button that opens it for us - I always click this to ensure it’s right. I’ll feed that back to product, @richyb

(Simon) #16

So just to confirm, we can enter a Facebook profile, Instagram thing, or website address where it asks for twitter handle?
So far I’ve just ignored places without twitter but have a few transactions for small retailers that don’t use twitter


That might not work all the time, but you can try it! At least it gives us info :slight_smile:

(Zac) #18

i like this feature, but have immediately found a problem. The first, is my merchant doesn’t have twitter, but does have a facebook profile (so need to update to web address in the app). The other, is the merchant is a market stall holder, so you can’t find them with the Google maps search - can you account for this in a future update?


The issue with market stall holders is they may operate at different locations, if you try and amend their location to match then it would be wrong when someone goes to the same stall when they are selling in a different market. It would be better to use their merchant address which may be their registered address

(Stephen Spencer) #20

I put in full https URLs to Instagram and Facebook profiles into the Twitter username textbox the other day, and today those logos have been ingested and appear in the feed correctly - roaring success!