Monzonaut AMA - Marcus - Account Management & Savings Expert 🧑‍🔬

Happy Tuesday Community :tada:

We’re going further into the workings of Monzo this week with a familiar face. The Community’s own @nexusmaniac is stepping into the spotlight to give a little bit of background to what he does at Monzo.

He’s kindly written a little introduction below :point_down:

I’m Marcus and I’m an Account Management & Savings Expert COp, which is what I’ve spent most of my 2+ years at Monzo doing :hammer_and_spanner: :honey_pot:

My last job was a ~6 year stint in a little IT company where I looked after a small Operations team building/shipping server network appliances all over the world :earth_americas:

But here at Monzo, I get to help folks out with all their savings questions & suggestions (Savings Pots, ISAs, Bills Pots, etc.), along with tracking down tricky bugs, supporting fellow COps with complex app questions and server as an all-around tech pest :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: When I’m not doing my day-to-day tasks, I’m hard at work in Atom coding away at new features or making quality of life changes to the systems my teams use heavily :blush:

Marcus will be about between today and Friday this week to answer any questions :pray:


Your top 10 favourite/ most used emojis!


What is your favourite emoji?


It’s almost like we know him too well :joy:


We clearly have the same brain cell


If you could steal any item from the Monzo swag cupboard, what would it be?


What are your top 2 tips for helping people save?

Would you rather fart audibly every time you got in a lift or every time someone introduced themselves to you, you instantly sneezed and this sneeze is so instant that you can’t get your hands to your face to stop flying snot?


What was the last ‘quality of life’ thing you implemented?

What are you working on now?

What are you having/did you have for lunch?



:hot_coral_heart: (if I can pick custom ones) else it’s gotta be :joy:(I’m easily amused :joy:)

A HotChip plushie for my little sis :yum:(second place would be HotChip wallart / poster and third place goes to a new Monzo hoodie haha)

  1. Have a goal! (Or goals) :tada: I find it impossible to save if there’s no point to the saving :sweat_smile:
  2. Hide your Savings Pots, can’t spend what you can’t see :wink:

I’d rather fart audibly in a lift… Because I always take the stairs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: #legday


Latest quality of life change was adding a little :lock: emoji and a “Locked until” date to the Pots section in our support tool so we can clearly see locked Pots :blush:

I’m currently working on a better way to convert things like statements to PDFs with @Moddingfriendly but something I’m trying to do solo is building a new information source so COps can more easily view pending payment requests (like Monzo with friends) :money_with_wings:

I’ve not decided on lunch yet but it’s between KFC & McDonald’s :drooling_face:


Why does my Monzo app not make cups of tea on demand?

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If you could have any famous person (dead or alive) over for dinner, who would you have and what would you eat?

What is the weirdest compliment you have received?

What is the first app you open when you wake up?

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You’ll need to enable that feature in Labs, please head over to the in-app chat if that’s not working for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Definitely Linus Sebastian! :raised_hands: (Linus Tech Tips on YouTube), they’re my favourite YouTuber – if Canada has KFC, I’d have to pick KFC (otherwise I might got for a nice Indian curry :hot_pepper: if they’re into spicy food)

No weird compliments are springing to mind but I’ll have a proper think and get back to you if I remember a good’en :grin:

It depends on what’s in my notifications panel when I wake up :innocent: Messages get replied to first, then I’ll check Monzo if money’s gone out overnight and then I’ll flick through new emails :email:

What is the point of labs these days? It’s never used


Labs is still useful just not all the time. For instance, we’ve shipped a bunch of features recently which weren’t the right fit for Labs :innocent:

I don’t think Labs is pointless but it’s definitely not for every feature so it can feel a bit quiet in there sometimes :yum:

What sorta things would you like to see in Labs? :eyes:


Unlimited custom categories :innocent:

Re-order and hide ANY accounts including Joint and External.

Edit: dark mode definitely…

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Trends graphs would have been a good labs feature

And those dark mode maniacs probably want that


Q1: Where’s Dark Mode?

Q2: When will Dark Mode launch?

Q3: Will I get Premium access to Dark Mode?

And on a more serious note - Q4: Do you miss being in the :monzo: Ads?


Marcus!!! :tada:

Tell me about your mode mood. Are you feeling dark or light today?!

Also, how long have you been with Monzo now? What does it mean to be an Account Management expert? Do you think there’ll be a renewed focus on savings products next year?

Finally, if you could add a feature from any other fintech or bank to Monzo, what would it be?

(Your reply shall be judged solely on your use of emoji)


:eyes:1. 2. 3. I don’t have a date for you but dark mode hasn’t been forgotten about, I promise! :hot_coral_heart:

And 4. I really loved getting the opportunity to star in a couple of those :grin: I’d do it again in a heartbeat but I do miss seeing them popup on Facebook/Insta/YouTube(?) :yum: Highly recommend signing up if we ever do ads like that in the future! :100:

I’m feeling light today :sunny: But my app is feeling quite dark :sunglasses:

I’ve been here for 2 years and 4 months, according to HiBob :tada: :grin: An Account Management Expert (aka Troubleshoot, aka TechSpec) is the highest point of escalation for technical issues, like bugs in the app, before we log bug reports or raise incidents with engineers :hammer_and_wrench: Generally, if you’ve been sent to the Account Management Expert team, things are going quite wonky for you with an app feature or with one of the many areas we cover :sweat_smile: It’s quite a diverse list: we look after a lot of card replacement / ordering queries, data subject access requests, legal queries, bugs and app features, account details and anything obscure which doesn’t really sit with another team :innocent:

To put it simply, it’s a really awesome badge with lots of unique things to look at and a bunch of customers to help out :relieved: But it can be a bit overwhelming if you’re not a fan of being kept on your toes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How coincidental is that timing?! I just had a meeting which touched on savings products a little bit :honey_pot: I think 2022 is shaping up to be a fun year for savings or related products :blush:

Y’know, that’s a really good question! I don’t know if other banks/fintechs are doing this but I’d still throw my hat in the ring for features like shared Pots, I think it would have a lot of neat use-cases – especially for folks living together who don’t necessarily want to setup joint accounts or rely on Shared Tabs / bill splitting – but I feel like it’s not as simple as just granting your friends access to your Pots :sweat_smile:

I look forward to seeing my score :wink: