Monzonaut AMA - Marcus - Account Management & Savings Expert 🧑‍🔬

More details please

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How often do you get things escalated to you that are working absolutely fine but someone has said it’s broken down the chain and they haven’t checked?

Also, Pot to Pot transfers and round-ups on Direct Debits would help my savings. Just saying!


#nospoilers :innocent:

That’s a hard question to answer :thinking: Nobody at Monzo knows everything so there are totally times where we might get an escalation about a feature being broken / not working but in reality the ‘thing’ is working it’s just not the way someone expected. These are usually just a case of breaking down what the customer will need to do if there’s a step they’ve missed and helping the COp out with some guidance or an explanation so they know for the future :hot_coral_heart:

Pot to Pot transfers is something I still hear about every once in a while but I don’t have anything concrete on that :innocent:

But how’s about, instead of round-ups, your Direct Debits were paid directly from Pots instead of moving to your main balance at the last minute? :eyes: I think we’re more likely to see that before Direct Debit roundups :honey_pot: :crossed_fingers:(That’s not confirmation of an upcoming feature but it’s the direction we’re more likely to go based on what I’ve heard/seen)


Yes please! :pray: That would neaten the feeds considerably!


I’m still intrigued about how overdrafts would work. @nexusmaniac, any preferences on what you’d like to see there (we know you’re not in product, so personal, non-Monzo, views only!)

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We’d probably still end up taking money from your main balance (or overdraft) if the Bills Pot couldn’t cover the amount, just like we do now :shield:

In Labs? :eyes: Automatic get paid early – I love the interaction but it’d be neat to opt-in for those sweet automatic salary payments at 4pm instead of 1am :money_mouth_face:


I’d be so all over this.


Why is everyone American all of a sudden?

English language is fluid, it changes all the time. If someone wants to use another term/ phrase, from a different part of the world, then so what :upside_down_face:

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You should reach out and ask.



This would be an excellent solution! :tada:

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