Why do you stay with Monzo?

After skimming through the car crash that is the Plus thread, I thought I’d try something different.

For those of you that consider yourselves to be “full monzo,” why do you stay with Monzo?

For me, I would really miss…

  • bill splits
  • shared tabs
  • the ability to see upcoming direct debits etc in the feed
  • the “scheduled” tab within the payments screen that lists all my subscriptions and direct debits
  • no/low fees when using the card abroad

I’m not suggesting that people are wrong to grumble about other issues (they’re not - I don’t care much about Plus but I could complain until i’m blue in the face about merchant data quality for example), but I thought I’d ask about the features that make Monzo work for you.


I would say these three even the legacies do these days

  • the ability to see upcoming direct debits etc in the feed
  • the “scheduled” tab within the payments screen that lists all my subscriptions and direct debits
  • no/low fees when using the card abroad

Along with the instant notifications


For me it’s the budgeting, instant notifications, the transparency of the bank (especially when they get things wrong, I mean can you imagine the product managers of legacy banks replying to customers on a public forum?) and just the general Monzo ethos.


Budgeting, pots, ease of use

And because I trust them


Budgeting, the ease of use of the whole app and the distinct lack of a card reader to transfer money.


I really love having full visibility of all of my direct debits and subscriptions. I have no idea if my old bank had somewhere I could view all of my DDs, or where to look if they did. I easily lose track of how much money will be going out in a month without this.


No foreign transaction fees is the only real reason I switched to the account.

Categorisation of spending is nice, but the novelty wore of quick.

Pretty much every bank account is the same these days. Money can go in, Money can go out. Huzzah!

  1. Budgeting/Summary

  2. Instant Notifications

  3. Pots

  4. Transparency

  5. Fee free spending abroad

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  • The app
  • Transparency (even when things have gone wrong)
  • Location based security
  • Money management options/ budgeting options.
  • I trust them.
  • Pots
  • Overseas spending
  • Instant Notifications
  • Notifications if an upcoming transaction may cause issues due to low balance
  • Pots
  • Summary (if useful to your financial workflow) and Left-to-spend indicator
  • Easy management of scheduled payments
  • monzo.me link (only on Personal accounts though, I really hope they can be ported to JA’s too)
  • The support available on this forum

monzo.us for joint accounts?


Might cause issues with US accounts lol

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monzo.we :joy:


Yes! :clap: monzo.us would be fantastic.


I see on here lots of unhappy Monzo users? True, why stay?
I like the instant notifications
No pending transactions it’s instant

monzo.nous? (pretentious, moi?)


I like the instant notification of what and with whom I’ve spent. My main bank account this doesn’t show up for a few days. I like the categorisation of spend and the fact that I can add notes .

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Interesting that Pots and Summary are so popular. I find them fairly useless myself but each to their own.

I’m also interested in the issue of trust. Don’t you all trust the other banks? I’m quite confident that everyone’s money is safe with all the main UK banks. There are other types of trust but i’m not sure I’d rate monzo any better than the others (do you trust that Plus will be a good product? Do you have more trust that a Monzo card transaction will go through compared with other banks? Do you have more faith in being able to get hold of Monzo customer service vs other banks?)

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For me it’s
Real time notifications
Ease of sending/ receiving money.

For me, I’m not sure ‘trust’ is the correct phrase. I do feel more ‘connected’ to Monzo than I have ever done with any bank. It’s this connection which keeps me engaged and interested. I’m a huge fan of tech and development and Monzo allows you to get very close to these areas like no other bank does.

Oh, I’m a crowdfunding investor too, so I selfishly want Monzo to do very, very well.