What is your best and worst Monzo feature or service?

Hi Everyone!

New to the forum and comparing some of the new challenger banks offerings to determine where I should open my account? Monzo seems to have a lot of great features and positive reviews on their user experience.

I would love to get a sense of a few items:

  1. If you had to name one Monzo feature or service that really makes the product stand out, what would it be?

  2. If there is one Monzo feature or service that really disappoints you, what would you say it is?

  3. Out of curiosity, are you older or younger than 30 years old? Male or female? Nothing to do with my decision, just want to get a sample sense of the customer demographic!

Keep up the great work Monzo!



Survey says :eyes:


Also your favourite food, what street you grew up as a child and the name of your first pet…

Just kidding!

  1. The support and community for me.
  2. No interest on balance, because everybody likes to earn a few pennies for doing nothing(honestly couldn’t pick anything bad at the moment).
  3. Less than 30 and into technology so it’s a no brainer for me!



Do you have any PPI or Payday loans :smiley:

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Where do you shop?

None today :slight_smile: or every actually! Information is always great in any decision :wink:

So here it goes:

The real-time banking experience, support/community/transparency, IFTTT

None so far

Under 30, male, Software Dev (i.e. tech-savvy, so digital banks are ideal for me)

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Great! Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks Ash. What is your favorite food by the way? :wink:

One good feature? The lack of “security” bullshit in the app.

One bad feature? The app is getting slower and slower and needs a rewrite.

  1. monzo.me
  2. KYC process has a lot of room for improvement. Monzo won’t publish a list of the ID documents they accept (at least, not a full list of the country’s passports they accept AFAIK) and I had few colleagues bouncing between “video wasn’t clear” and “photo of ID wasn’t clear” rejection messages as if no previous attempts were stored so they couldn’t combine the two submissions…

Cheque processing is still a bit legacy, shame it’ll take until 2019 to sort it (curious as to why it’ll take so long - is it just engineering time?).

Edit: Oh, and I’m under 30…

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Customer service - all day long (recent arrival)

Won’t be going there.

This app is gathering pace and, by the time the Big List has been revisited, it’ll be a different prospect altogether. Many of the promised features will be in place - the essence for me will be about catching up on basic refinements.

There won’t be a need to rush features out. They can come out fully-formed, even if I need to wait a bit (but that’s me).


Thanks Andre. Just out of curiosity, how did you define getting slower? Is it based on screen transaction times?

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Thanks Adam.

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Customer service is ace.

Not being able to pay cash in and payee functionality.

Age over 30 and female.


Thanks Graham.

Much appreciated Manda!

Best: Customer service and interaction on the forum

Worst: Honestly nothing. I have simple needs :grin:. My only complaint is I haven’t had any need to request a statement with the special stamp

And no, I’m not falling for ASL questions on the internet again :thinking: :wink:


Best for me is the built in budgeting closely followed by pots.

Worst has been waiting for the built in budgeting to work, monzo.me (which is great) broke it a couple years ago and it’s only just been fixed. Now I can’t really fault it though.

I’m a 31 yo guy :+1:

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I guess for me -

Best bit is just not how easy things are. Messaging customer service, making payments etc.

Worst part is no interest (yet).

I’m male and over 30.

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