Monzo Web: Feedback Thread

Logged in an hour ago, went to look again and still logged in.

Should there not be a timeout?


I hope this is intentional…

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100% agree with you - I would like if the app was optimized for iPad / tablet as well - most banks do the same - you don’t need a separate app.


I don’t. A lot of company computers will be Windows 7, max IE11 and that’s also true for Windows 10 being locked down to Edge. It may not be everyone’s browser of preference but it’s still a valid test case.

Edit* I should clarify, I know you’re likely joking as well…


I also find the “We’ve sent you a magic link” login method annoying. In nearly every scenario I find this takes longer and is less convenient than typing a password. If there is a real benefit to this that I’m not seeing, could someone enlighten me?


Basically what it says. Trying it now :slight_smile:

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Great job Monzo :clap:, it provides assurance I can quickly freeze my account should I need to.

People need to remember this isn’t a full online banking experience, it’s designed for emergencies like loosing your phone for now.
Realistically you’re not going to be logging into this unless you’ve lost your phone. Based on this I prefer the current magic link method rather than another password :nauseated_face:. It only takes a few seconds longer unless you’re already logged into your email on that secondary device using a mail client.


Two factor authentication.


Is it 2 factor when you only need 1 password (your email password)?

2FA when you have no phone :eyes:


Why is your email only available on your phone…?


Yeah, that’s the only thing I thought of if you access your email via a browser with text 2FA.
I currently have my email setup to a mail app on each device so for me this is not an issue.
I also have Authy 2FA App on all my devices should I lose my main one.

From the very beginning when I heard Monzo was working on this, I didn’t quite understand how this would work - felt it was a bit useless to be fair.

So, you lose your phone & wallet, or you lose your wallet but don’t have your phone with you, but have to receive a Monzo link, to access the web version, by email - How if your phone is lost or stolen or you don’t have it with you? :thinking:

Wish I could like your reply 100 times

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Here’s why you think that :point_down:

That’s not normal.

I’d suggest you set up your email account so that it can be accessed elsewhere because that’s going to save you a lot of trouble in the future when you need to use it with other important services, not just Monzo’s.

Most people can access their email account from their desktop / other devices so this will help them.


If you have two factor authentication on your email, and the app you use to generate those codes is on your phone (as it typically is), then you’re screwed unless you’re at your own computer and left your email logged in.


Correct so you probably want to workaround for that scenario. Also, I’m willing to bet that the majority of people have 2FA for their email account.

Everyone, I.e companies, says enable 2FA - which I have on accounts that offer it, I use Google Authenticator, so if my phone was stolen I couldn’t access my emails to get the link, so from my position this web version is useless.

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Lifted from the Wikipedia page ‘Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA) is a type (subset) of multi-factor authentication. It is a method of confirming a user’s claimed identity by utilizing a combination of two different factors: 1) something they know, 2) something they have, or 3) something they are’

That’s going to affect a lot of stuff though. Losing your phone sucks far more than it did a few years ago, because you lose your primary proof of identity. Not sure there’s even much of a workaround for that (I have the printed out recovery codes at home for example, but if I was on holiday? boned).