Hi every one…:blush:…i was wondering if we could have an easier log in. This is a fantastic bank & i wont close my account but it seems a lot of hassle having to log in on the site then having to log in to my e-mail so i can click to check my account…:thinking:…it would be so much easier if i could log in with a didget code or my e-mail address…just asking…this is the best ever bank ever…thank u monzo for thinking of us people…:heart::blush:

(Ben Green) #2

Why do you have to login to your email as well? Don’t you have an email client on your phone connected to your email account?

I love my Spark email app.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #3

I think the current implementation is spot on! :smiley:

No faffing with card readers, codes in the post, automated calls, pin number 2,7,4 & 9… A nice token-y link in my email app is perfect :slight_smile: IMO

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #4

I very rarely “log out” of the account - is this wong ? :slight_smile: - I open the app and touch id - opens app :slight_smile:


Hi…:blush:…im new to monzo & the only way i know how to login is the way ive described…is there an easier way to do it…:blush:

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on mine - iOS - once Ive initially logged on with the email address and then magic email link, I enable the touch Id in the “account” - “settings” - “enable touch ID to unlock app” - and then simply close the app down touch the app again and all it asks for is touch ID to open :slight_smile:


oh i didnt know that…im using android but i will check that out…thank u for helping me with that…:grin:


On android the system works a bit differently. I don’t think it automatically locks the app when you press home, even after enabling fingerprint. There seems to be a very long timeout.

If you want to lock your app between use, you do either need to log out completely, or switch to a different bank.


ok…:blush:…thank u…i will check it out as i didnt know about any of this…:grin:.

(Jolin) #10

It’s worth noting that all that can be done with the Monzo app without a PIN is viewing your balance and transactions. To actually transfer money out, you need to enter your PIN. So logging out or locking the app is a potential privacy issue, which should in theory be mitigated by locking your phone (as someone needs to unlock your phone to get to the app).

If you’re really interested in the topic of whether it’s worth locking or logging out of the Monzo app, there was a lot of discussion on the following thread. Warning: it is very long, but if you read the first few posts, you’ll get a sense of the different points of view.

(Marcel Ruhf) #11

The timeout is 10 seconds in my experience.

(Brian Brown) #12

I’ve just got my Monzo account set up. If I am going to have to type in my email address, then wait for my email to arrive, then follow that link EVERY time I want to logon then I will be leaving Monzo pretty quickly.
This type of two step security - especially when my email provider insists on putting Monzo emails into space every time - is just a pain.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #13

Hi Brian - once you have logged in with the initial email magic link you are then logged in - the app will open every time by pressing the monzo icon - until you physically logout :slight_smile:

(Marcel Ruhf) #14

Welcome on board :wave:
As @iansilversides said, it’s only the first time you log in (on a new device, after creating your account, or after explicitly logging out) that you will have to click on a magic link that is sent to your email address. Once logged in, the app will open without you having to repeat this process. You can enable Touch ID / fingerprint support on both iOS and Android to make sure only you can open the app.

(Brian Brown) #15

Except I never leave apps logged in when they aren’t being used.

(Marcel Ruhf) #16

Monzo’s “log in” is akin to you “registering your phone for mobile banking” with other banks. I don’t see any point of “logging out” (de-registering for mobile banking with other banks) unless you for example give your phone up for repairs. Just enabling touch ID is perfectly safe.


Except perhaps on phones where there is no Touch ID ability?

(Marcel Ruhf) #18

That’s a different story.
However, since @JackJones did mention this, I (perhaps wrongly) assumed that his phone has this capability.

(Dan) #19

Do you stay logged into the mail app on your phone? Or the Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn etc app?

Personally I’m not sure there’s any real benefit to logging out of every app after each session if your phone has any security whatsoever.

(Brian Brown) #20

I might keep Facebook open but I would never leave any banking app logged on, because I only need to open banking once every few days or so, not every five minutes.