Android app out now!


Great news. Can’t wait to see what’s next

Great news! Downloading the update now :zap:

Yeah! Downloading as we speak.

Will spread the word.

Well done everyone!
Mine keeps saying I have no internet access?

Updated and signed up - can’t wait to get started :smiley: Jolly good show

If yours says no internet access on the postcode screen, hit “My address isn’t in this list” and enter it manually :slight_smile: We’re working on it!

I already have a card, i got it at a conference. Can i activate that via the app? At the moment my only option is to put my address in for a new one. Thanks. Great news btw! Cant wait to use it.

Quick Question:
As someone that uses iOS and Android (work versus personal phones) can I install the app(and have it active) on both my devices i.e. is it possible to link the Android app to an already active card?

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Will the initial top up of £100 be reduced?! The clause in your T&Cs about not being covered by the fsa guarantee obviously means any funds we put into Monzo at present will be lost if anything were to happen to Monzo. Therefore, I, along with many others I’m sure, would feel happier with smaller initial amounts.

Also worth mentioning, we’ll be having a periscope session with the amazing Android engineering team :star2: this evening. Tune in via Twitter at 5.30pm :tada:

It is possible to activate the same card on both, and you will get notification on both devices at the same time.

@MissTwizz - top up your £100 , on the day you get your card (usually with 1 or 2 days of deposit ) you will presumably change your PIN at the ATM - withdraw as much as you want to to make you feel comfortable. I and quite a few others have spent £1000s over the last year without any problems whatsoever, but I can understand your reluctance to trust a “non bank” at present.


Thanks @anon95680666 that’s a good idea! It would make me happier to use smaller amounts at first. Thanks for your help

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you will love it, I hope and build trust in it over time

Congratulations! :monzo:

That google play £100 topup storm looks like mostly the same starling prankers… same name formats same comments “im out” etc.

If you cant put a ton on a card that you could withdraw tomorrow, just manage your pocket money with gohenry!


I can appreciate for some £100 is quite an amount to trust to an app when your funds might be short and a relatively unknown company.

What I cant understand is the “ignorance” of not realising that you need to load a pre paid beta card, and some people seem to think the money is a fee to get a card which the money is then unusable - People presumably read the explanation of the app before they sign up to the waiting list don’t they ? why are they then surprised to be asked for 100 quid - or are they being deliberately negative on the review sites - don’t know.

We have discussed this many times on the forum with the iPhone app and people were coming up with the same worries

This is great, except that there doesn’t seem to be half of the features on Android as compared to iOS. No spending tab what so ever. No tab to send money to people, how insane is that? No user profile. No ability to top up using android pay (like you can with Apple Pay).

The android version really needs some love to get to the level the iOS version is on. Monzo is all about the app, there’s no reason to use Monzo if not the app, and the android app is extremely lacking.

Give it time. It’s still early doors. Remember this is only version 1.0