Monzo, we need to talk about Payments, Payees and the Payments Tab!

This really surprised me when I started entering scheduled payments. For such a well -designed app, how on earth can the devs think that it’s ok not to have references there?
I have monthly scheduled payments into pots and other people, and completely forgot what each one is for as there is no way to enter a reference or even a note for each one. As the Monzo system certainly allows for this functionality, this is a glaring omission.


They’ve just matured as a bank. It’s not feasible to inform the community on everything like a startup can.

I doubt they think the app is done, but they’re probably just focused on a list of must do’s, some we see and some we don’t.

I also doubt anyone’s unwilling to think about wider improvements, more that not every idea can be worked on, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not valid.

This one, for me personally, is a could but probably shouldn’t. There are bigger things to fix.


From the inside, I don’t think anything has changed with our velocity. However, as we have grown we have pivoted from shipping a half-finished product and letting our users tell us what they think and fix everything that breaks and improving in small increments.

Instead, we focus on delivering a slick experience, like Flex where we can release it and have it be a 99% polished product (just missing changing your payment date)

I am a little biased as internally we get to see these updates as they go from idea to being in our hands (and testing them before they go out to all our lovely customers)


sideyes trends tab

although in all seriousness yes I have seen that Monzo have moved away from ‘move fast and break things’ and it’s great. That was never how I wanted my bank to operate! Far fewer huge problems with releases and it’s appreciated


I think 99% is a stretch. Flex has been great for me from the get-go. I suppose it depends on your definition of polish vs completed, but I’d say there was more missing than just changing your payment date from day one.


Wild conjecture!

If Trends / Summary is about to take into account subscriptions from connected accounts, then - because subscriptions are on the Payments tab - some changes will need needed here too to make it work for multiple accounts. Hence Dan’s :eyes: eyes emoji.

Right I’m gonna stop overthinking :joy:


Ah sorry - I put the eyes on to remind me to share it internally.

I’m too used to slack :see_no_evil:

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Just to note (and not to derail too much hopefully) that I think that this is the right step in honestly.

I’ll go for stability (which it is) and honest feedback on what the team are doing in the background (which this post does) anyday over half baked features which may, or not, work.

Do Monzo consider using Forum members (select perhaps vs everyone) as a control/test group still?

For example “we’de like to test xxx, you can signup here”.

Controlled testing, stability for others.


I mean there was never any other explanation.

Peter cries in emoji

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Not really, because members on here are not at all representative of the wider Monzo user base.

I think I either didn’t make my point well, or you missed it.

My point is, Monzo must surly use groups of real users to seek feedback as part of their development lifecycle, I’ve never heard of a product team that doesn’t through UX research.

I’m saying do Monzo still consider using the community as part of those groups.

And I don’t agree that Members on here are not all representative of the wider user base, I’ll bet there are others that also care about development, features etc that don’t ever post here :slight_smile:

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It depends, we do sometimes still release features into labs (which is that kind of opt-in testing you are referring to). But for a large chunk of our projects are now in experiments where we release a feature to 1% of our customers and check that everything is stable before releasing slowly to everyone.

There are sometimes where we will manually let the community manually pot into these experiments, but this is less common now (which is something I wish we did more of but the additional time to deal with the red tape around GDPR and the community quite often makes it difficult)


Probably not possible due to regulatory restrictions but I really wish I could turn off the nagging warnings on payments that can’t verify the name matches. Given that I’ve sent a payment multiple times before, this nag is actually lowering the security. If users get too used to seeing warnings, they become pretty useless and easily dismissed.

Edit for clarity: I only mean turning it off for that ONE payment. I get we can’t turn it off for all payments, that would be madness!


Quite possibly prevents more fraud having this in place, to verify where the funds are going to.

The person you’re sending to frequently causing this prompt, either has an account not involved in confirmation of pay, or the name isn’t what you’ve been told it is.

Yeah, they’re not part of confirmation of payee. So given the frequency of payments I make there (it’s Barclaycard, so it’s annoying such a big firm is not part of the process)

I’m extremely dubious anyone has been saved from fraud because of the 20th time they saw the same prompt.

Well isn’t that crazy :sweat_smile: I’m sure I paid barclays partner finance from starling not too long ago without any prompt. Maybe handled differently.

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Another feature I’d love to see enhanced is the “left to pay” calculation for pots.

Currently the scheduled payments are listed in date order and helpfully, they seem to show the next upcoming payment which is really useful. When you look at this from the pot and it knows the month period you set, it should put a visible line in the list where the new period starts. Additionally, when direct debits are imminent, Monzo knows the exact amount but does not use this in the “left to pay” calculation - which makes the number inaccurate


A massive yes from me!



I have a vastly different results between ‘Payments’ and payments from a designated Bills pot.

‘Payments’ is WILDLY out, showing both alphabetical and chronological sorting in the same list of SO’s/Scheduled payments and D/D’s. A designated Bills pot is slightly better, showing the ‘Left to pay’ list as mostly chronological - but random repeating payments show at the top of the list, regardless of if they’ve been paid or not in the current cycle.

Posted about this in detail a while ago. Improvement still needed.


It feels so close to being amazing, doesn’t it? Tiny little tweaks would perfect it and they don’t feel too hard to make!

Honestly, pots changed my life and I’m not even exaggerating! I’m so bad at budgeting but now I feel totally in control. I can just slap it all in a bills pot and mostly forget about it. Using the pot feature was the killer feature that made me switch my main account.