Monzo top ups showing as Stripe

(Michael) #1

When I checked my Co-operative Bank bank account this morning, I was concerned to see a £300 transaction for Stripe, which I was not expecting. I called customer service and ended up blocking the card, as they couldn’t give me any further information about the transaction.

I then received a call back a little later from their fraud team to confirm that it was actually a Monzo transaction from Saturday morning.

This is the first time the statement narrative has not been Monzo and I don’t remember seeing an email or alert that it was changing to Stripe.

Please could you investigate why this is happening and alert other users so they don’t make the same mistake I did. I now have to wait a week before I get my new bank card. Luckily though, my Monzo is working fine!

(Hugh) #2

I can’t tell you why it has changed, but Stripe are an online payments processor that Monzo use to process the debit card top ups :slight_smile:


Possibly just a bug - Stripe allows you to set whatever you want as the statement description in the transaction request, maybe an upgrade at Monzo broke it and omitted the field?

(Michael) #4

Thanks Hugh, I am aware of Stripe, I was more concerned about the change of name with my bank and the confusion this could cause other users.

(tom) #5

Yeah, that’s strange. I’ll ask someone to look into it for you.

(Jonas Templestein) #6

We’ll get this fixed, thanks for flagging. Out of interest, does it say “Stripe” or “Focus FS Stripe”?

(Joe murphy) #7

This has happened to me as well. The transaction literally shows as Stripe

(Geoff Pascoe) #8

May be a stripe issue rather than Monzo - somebody reported the same thing at Starling:

(louise rogan) #9

HSBC could not tell me anything earlier as well. other than it was an apple pay transaction.

(Michael) #10

Yes, it’s just Stripe, nothing else. This can only have happened over the last few days, as my last top up on the 17th is displayed as MONZO


Same issue here too. Had a feeling it might be a Monzo top-up so came here to have a look before querying it with the bank! Transaction literally just comes through as “STRIPE”.

(Roland Harvey) #12

Spoke to RBS today as I spotted two transactions from Stripe. After speaking with RBS and some deep dive investigation they confirmed it was Monzo.

Messaged Monzo in app and they have apologised and are looking into it. It is their 3rd party layer that does the top up.


Same happened with me.

(Zlatina Dobreva) #14

The same happened to me as the debit on my card appeared as Stripe London. I contacted the Stripe support team and they told me the transaction went to Monzo. In the meantime I had to raise a dispute with my bank, as you understand that until yesterday all the transactions appeared as “MONZO” and it came as a shock.

(Jami Welch) #15

Hey all, this should now be fixed for future top ups. Thanks for reporting!

(Alice Yip) #16

The same thing happened to me as well

(Gareth Evans) #17

Hi there, I’ve just noticed that my most recent Monzo top up is appearing in my transactions at Stripe. Having read this is appears that this is Monzo but i have to admit I was a little worried when I first saw it!

(Javier Ash) #18

Hi, Same here. Contacted my bank and all as Stripe couldn’t find the transactions initially and suggested to contact the bank to block them. As not everyone checks these forums I would suggest emailing users so not everyone does the same.

(Dan) #19

Same happened to me, just says Stripe London I contacted my bank who said lots of things are now just showing up as Stripe instead of the actual retailer but Monzo usually does show up as Monzo in my account.

(Lee Dean ) #20

Mine said Stripe London. I paid with Apple top up. Pleased this blog is available for reassurance!